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January–March 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 1.

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PCW magazine

Readers of Personal Computer World magazine will perhaps have seen Scorpio News mentioned in the User Group section. I wrote to Rupert Steele, who edits the column, some time back, and in the December ’87 issue we got an entry in the User Group Directory. Furthermore, in the January ’88 issue we also got a nice little write-up that has already lead to a small number of new subscribers. Welcome to those people. If anyone knows of other ways of obtaining free publicity, please let us know, or better still drop a line directly to them.

Scorpio Bulletin Board

In the Scorpio Bulletin that accompanied the last issue of Scorpio News, we mentioned about the setting up of a Bulletin Board. This was duly set-up, admittedly a couple of weeks late, and was running until Christmas. However, the Octopus software that we were running turned out to have a number of serious bugs which kept resulting in either the system crashing, messages getting deleted, or the WHOLE message database getting destroyed!! Because of this, and a couple of other reasons, we took the Bulletin Board off air, and it has not been put back on since. I’m sorry to have to report that we are unlikely to resume this service.

Software etc.

Also sent with the Scorpio Bulletin was the Enquiry/​Subscription Form that gave readers the opportunity to request further information on certain software upgrades, Public Domain software, etc. Many people ticked a number of these boxes when sending in their re-subscriptions. Yet another apology is due here, as we have sent out absolutely nothing in response to these requests yet. Sorry, but we have just been involved in too many other time-consuming projects.

What’s available?

In the last issue of Scorpio News there were various articles about new 80-BUS products, particularly the 64180, Z280 and 80286 boards. Well, true to form for this industry, as I write this I have to inform you that NONE of them is in production yet. Plus la change, plus la meme chose.


Well, that just about wraps up my bit for this time. I must finish off with a quick apology for all of the apologies above!!! And please, please keep the material coming in, or the newsletter could just fizzle out.

Be seeing you.

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