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January–March 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 1.

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  1. Typing ‘I’ during a find goes to Insert mode as before, but ^Z after the Insert returns to the FIND operation and the screen says ‘FIND’. A second ^Z key will terminate the find. During the Insert period, the screen says ‘F-Insert’.

b) Formatting with ^QL, ^QS, ^QX

  1. The Cursor stays at the place in the text at which the command was issued instead of moving to the start of the text after one of these commands. I used to find this extremely irritating.
  2. The user has the Option of Formatting ALL of the text after the cursor, or just the NEXT PARAGRAPH. Formatting is thus much faster and controllable. Variable width text is simpler to create. The use of the ^U and ^F formatting flags can be dispensed with if desired.

c) D – Delete Line.

  1. The ONLY acceptable answer to the ‘D’ key is ‘Y/y’. ALL other input aborts. A Y/y reply allows repetition of the command.

d) I, ^QA – Text Insertion or Append.

  1. A RULER Line is displayed along the bottom of the text screen, and a moving cursor below the line relates to the text cursor location so that it is possible to see how far from the end of the line one is at all times.

e) ^QO – Output File or Block

  1. Now allows a marked Block of text to be written to Disk under a file name given by the user. The required block is marked with the Block Move/​Delete markers. After the ‘O’ command is finished the ‘M’, ^QD, ^QN commands are all permissible as usual.
  2. Restores the original file name for a subsequent ‘^QE’ or ‘^QW’ command. The way the name was originally permanently changed resulted in possible loss of files if naming and backing up were not carried out carefully.

f) V/v – Clear HELP and Change Screen Format.

  1. Video format change redundant and removed, to create space. ‘V’ or ‘v’ now only removes the HELP screen.
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