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April–June 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 2.

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A number of options are available for each of the commands. These include suppressing checks when overwriting read-only files on a PC-DOS disk, and directing the output from a command to a printer. The latter is useful because control-P has no effect within the program, although it is still possible to get a screen-dump with EDIT and control-D. The COPY command also insists on being told the format (CP/M or PC-DOS) of the source disk as one of its options, even though the program knows the format associated with each drive.

The program’s major limitations are its inability to erase or rename a file, or to overwrite a CP/M read-only file or disk (which generates that dreaded BDOS Err on A: message !). Perhaps someone will release a version 4.0 ! However, it is easy to use, so much so that it can be run without referring to the manual. Gemini owners who also use IBM PCs will find this an invaluable aid to their productivity. I found its main use to be transferring data files and source code for languages such as TurboPascal, which are available for both CP/M and PC-DOS.

[IBM-COPY is available from Gemini dealers, or from Scorpio Systems by mail order for £65 + VAT (P&P free to subscribers).]

“Real Programmers”

by V.A. Rious

Real programmers would rather use a bank of toggle switches and read a row of LEDs than use such cumbersome devices as keyboards and CRTs to talk to computers.

Real programmers don’t write specs. – users should consider themselves lucky to get any program at all and take what they get.

Real programmers don’t comment their code. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.

Real programmers don’t write applications programs; they program right down on the bare metal. Application programming is for feebs who can’t do system programming.

Real programmers’ programs never work right the first time. But if you throw them on the machine they can be patched into working in “only a few” 30-hour debugging sessions.

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