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July–September 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 3.

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Just a very brief Editorial this time. Thank you to the people who submitted the articles for this issue, especially the ‘new’ authors. We have in fact ended up with a small amount of material in hand for the next issue. But don’t let this stop YOU (yes, YOU) sending something in.

The reason for the brief Editorial is that there seems to be no ‘news’ to report. We haven’t received a Gemini Dealer Newsletter since December, and have received no other communications from any other related manufacturer.

On the New Product front, we have heard from one subscriber that he has both a Gemini GM880 64180 and a Gemini GM890 Z280 board on order, but has not yet received either. However, we do understand that the 64180 is becoming imminent (RSN – Real Soon Now, as they say in Byte). And, as stated in the last issue, we are told that the Gemini GM886 80286 board is in production. So perhaps we can look forward to reviews of these two latter boards in the next issue of Scorpio News. Any volunteers? Until then, “Be seeing you”.

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