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July–September 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 3.

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Letters to the Editor

Norway Calling

Dear Sir

Here is also a letter from Breda, the Netherlands. In brief the description of my Gemini computer system. 19″ Vero frame with 8 slots motherboard, in deep (40 cm) 19″ case, 5U high. The boards are GM811, GM802, GM802 (drive M:>), GM832, GM829, Arfon lightpen! The keyboard is GM827 with 87 keys. The drives are 2 x Teac FD55-F. The PSU is GM843. Printer: Citizen 120-D. Software is e.g.: Graphpac, Gempen VG:1.

I’m using Gempen for letters, stamp collection, LP collection and so on. In text I always use the <ESCAPE>s and <cntrl>s for the printer’s character-set. I found out it was possible to control the printer, in the Gempen manual there was (is) a lack about it. (Manual Graphpac >>> FILL ?). The cursor is flickering instead of blinking, how can I alter that? I am not a great programmer, but I’am a hobbyist. And that’s why I ask for a little program for the <lightpen – GM832> in MBASIC.

In early times I had a Nascom 1 with RAM A. The story is well known. I learned many things with it..... Then I saw Gemini. Many, many years later the Scorpio News came and I was happy again…

Something about IBM (…): I do not like IBM at all and all that kind of things like those IBMs and clones.

Yours sincerely, G.C.M. Vissers, Breda, The Netherlands.

“Real Programmers”

by V.A.R. Ious

A ta party, the Real Programmers are in the corner talking about operating system security and how to get around it. At a football game, the Real Programmer is the one comparing the plays against his simulations printed on 11″ by 14″ fanfold paper. At the beach, the Real Programmer is the one drawing flowcharts in the sand.

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