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October–December 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 4.

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  1. ^QP – The Print command now supports PAGE Heading and Numbering.

    This command first calls the ^QH command, to allow the operator to ‘tag’ the file. (N.B. This returns the cursor to the START of text, so that the tag will be printed at the start of the file). The operator is then asked whether he wants the pages numbered. If the answer is yes he must then select the title to be printed at the head of each page, which may be either:

    a) Blank
    b) The File name as displayed on the top line of the screen.
    c) Enter his own title. (20 Characters max.)

  2. 5 & 6 Commands, These have been altered again and now change the starting page number for the ^OP command so that it can have any value from 1 to 255.
  3. ^A – Convert ALL text from cursor to end of text to LOWER case.
  4. ^U – Convert ALL text from cursor to end of text to UPPER case.
  5. D – Delete line from cursor to previous NL character. This now displays a ‘>’ character in inverted video at the position where the delete will end. With several lines of non-formatted text, it is now obvious what will be deleted The only exception is line 1 which can only be deleted by using the backspace key.
  6. ^C,^B – Now scrolls the screen 20 lines instead of one quarter of a page as set by the 3 and 4 commands.

In order to accommodate these changes, my customised version of Gempen has grown by about half a K. All overlays still work satisfactorily however, and the program runs on Nascom systems with IVC/SVC and Gemini Keyboards. It has not been tried with a Nascom keyboard, and will NOT run with a Nascom screen. If the system does NOT support a Clock, Bit 0 of VIDMEMFLG must be set accordingly, or the program will crash. The customisation locations for Clock and Printer support are described in the notes that I have written to support the modifications.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the modified version and notes can telephone me on the number at the start of this article to discuss details. I will need a disk with your copy of GEMPEN on it so that I can serialize the patched version, since I would be infringing the original authors’ copyright otherwise.

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