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March–April 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 2

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The Bad News

It had to happen, didn’t it? I open my big mouth (in the last issue) and confidently state that as we had actually managed to produce several consecutive issues reasonably on time, the trend would continue. And what happens? A conspiracy, that’s what, the net result of which is that this will probably now reach you approx. 6 weeks late (if not later).

The Good News

One consolation (as a result of this conspiracy) is that I have already managed to get a considerable amount of material together for the next issue, and all things being equal (which they rarely are) it should follow this in a matter of days.

More Bad News

In the Editorial of the last issue I stated that I was trying to get together information on the I/O ports used by 80-BUS/​Nasbus compatible boards. The purpose of this is to draw up an I/O map of all boards past/​present and (individual manufacturers allowing) future so that everyone can see what product clashes with what (which some unfortunately do), and what space is available to locate that 256 channel, polyphonic, quadrophonic noise-maker that you are currently building. I gave all of the manufacturers that I am aware of several weeks and at least TWO reminders to give me the necessary information, and still I have not received all of the information I requested. So to Climax, EV Computing, Gemini Microcomputers, MAP 80 Systems and Microcode Processes many thanks for your time and effort in returning the requested information to me so promptly and so completely. And as for the others, that is Lucas/​Nascom and IO Research – Raspberries !!! As a result of this apathy I am going to hold the I/O map over to the next issue … so this is your last chance Nascom and I/O. If you don’t send me the details that are, after all, in your own interest (of selling product) to have published correctly, I shall ‘interpret’ the ports used myself, and suggest that EVERY 80-BUS reader sends you a personal letter asking to verify that we got it right. OK?

More Good News

I am pleased to report that CCsoft have very gratiously given us their permission to publish the code for their Nas-Graphpac package. This links with the standard Nascom ROM BASIC to provide twenty additional commands for controlling the Nascom’s 96x48 block graphics. In addition they have allowed us to reprint the System manual for the package, and Gemini (who have bought the rights to CCsoft’s other Graphpacs) have also given us permission to reprint the Command manual. This means that we are able to bring you totally free, gratis and for nothing software which normally retails (on cassette) for £20 + VAT. All you have to do is type it all in!

Even More Good News

Last issue (I think) we included an advert for a book on ‘Nascom BASIC disassembled’ that said something to the effect of ‘coming soon’. Well the publication of that has slipped too, and so we have decided, in our extremely infinite wisdom, to ‘serialize’ it starting in the next issue. This is a series that Gemini and Nascom owners alike should find of interest, as the listing is extremely thoroughly commented and should give the 80-BUS reader interested in machine code programming (all one of him) a great insight into many programming tricks that keep code as short and fast as possible.

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