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May–June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

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The HSA-88B floating-point arithmetic processor is a 80-BUS/Nasbus compatible board which uses a microprogrammed 16/32 bit microcomputer IC which performs arithmetic and trigonometric calculations 10 to 100 times faster than the best Z80 software routines. For example, a 32 bit floating-point division takes just 90 microseconds and a 32 bit arctangent executes in only 2500 microseconds. A large number of 16/32 bit integer and floating-point functions from x+y to x’ is accesible with simple single-byte commands. All accesses to the HSA-88B are via two I/O ports (selectable from 80H to F0H). The HSA-88B is a true simultaneous co-processor capable of performing one operation while your Z80 CPU is doing something else. This is ideally suited to animated graphics where the CPU, the HSA-88B and the graphics card can perform their functions at the highest possible speed.

The HSA-88B is easily used from within assembly language programs. High level language programs

BELECTRA LTD. 11 Decoy Road, Worthing,

require a compiler with modified run-time routines. We are offering with every HSA-88B a FREE latest Hisoft HP5 Pascal compiler which has been specially adapted to compile HSA-88B-oriented code. This compiler is already extremely fast and with the HSA-88B it outperforms all other Z80 Pascal compilers, in many cases by an order of magnitude. The standard Pascal variable types plus 32 bit integers (ideal for financial applications) are supported together with a full range of maths functions rarely seen in Pascals or Basics. The size of the run-time routines is greatly reduced over other compilers because the HSA-88B performs the arithmetic functions in hardware.

The complete package consists of the HSA-88B processor card, HP5 compiler on Gemini 51/4" DSDD disk (other formats available including Nascom 51/4" and IBM 8” SSSD) and HSA-88B and HP5 documentation and programming examples. Package price £199.00 including UK postage and VAT. Not suitable for Nascom 1.

Sussex BN148ND 0903-213131.


All the things you ever wanted: The Disk cataloguing and file dating suites. File compare, string and byte search utilities. ASCII file compression and expansion programs. A new system independant disk repair utility. A new SUBMIT with fully interactive input. The revised DRI PIP.CON including all the official fixes. And many more. Almost all are standard CP/M utilities and will work on any CP/M system. Supplied in either Nascom and Gemini formats. The price of this gift ? A mere 215.00 + VAT (£17.50 + VAT in Gemini SD format as it’s too big to fit on one disk).


SYSN7, the ultimate SYS for the original Henelec/Gemini G805 CP/M disk system, suitable for either CP/M 1.4 or 2.2, Nascom 48 column video or Gemini IVC 80 column video.

SYSBL5 Super SYS for the Gemini computers and Nascom/Gemini hybrid computers. Compatible with the Gemini GM809 controller card and the new Gemini GM829 SASI controller card. When used with the GM809, support for Shugart compatible and other 5.25" drives. Also GM829 support for 8" and the Gemini GM835 Winnie as well (Winnie drivers only supplied on providing evidence of owning 4 GM835).

Support is now provided for using Gemini 64K or Nascom 48K page mode RAM cards (maximum 128K) or the MAPSO Systems 256K RAM card (maximum 1M Byte) as a virtual disk.

Provides all the goodies of the previous SYYSes and lots more. When used with 48 t.p.i. drives, gives limited read/write compatibility with Super Brain QD and DD formats, Rair, Cromenco, RML and Xerox formats, and copying facilities to/from Osbourne. And, of course, the original Gemini/SD



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compatible format. A superb piece of software, ask anyone who uses it.

Supplied as a full source listing for the Microsoft M80 V3.44 (or later) assembler. Please supply your full system configuration if you require SYS ready assembled for use. As this is support software, it’s Richard’s (and our) opinion that the price should be as low as possible, so it’s £10.00 + VAT. Upgrades from earlier SYSes £5.00 + VAT (return the original disk).


DISKPEN has been rewritten and revised. This popular text editor/formatter now includes a ‘HELP’ facility, and new features for the print control of most popular printers, underline, bold, etc, (also user patchable for the less popular types). New features include block delete, better move commands, new cursor control, optional hyphenation, visible indentation (margin) setting and lots more. A major enhancement is the ability to handle overlay files so that Pen can use auxilliary packages such as the multi-column formatter (that printed this). Details on writing your own overlays is provided for the machine code programmer, allowing the user to write special versions for special purposes.

The new DISKPEN is suitable for use with Nascom/Gemini hybrids (using the Gemini GM812 IVC card), and all Gemini computers, and is available as a £15.00 + VAT upgrade (return your original disk) or to new purchasers at £45.00 + VAT (please supply your CP/M serial number). Versions of DISKPEN will shortly be available for the Mimi G801 and G802 and also Super Brain.

DRH 830114 E&OE

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