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September–October 1983, Volume 2, Issue 5

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was no way I would ever get permission to hook a home brewed heap like that up to British Telecom’s lines. You have to have one of the acceptable machines, like the grossly overpriced BBC machine with its pathetic 32K, or a Spectrum. So I am going to connect my Spectrum up to Micronet. I may also be able to link the Spectrum to Marvin, if the circuit I am trying to design works. No doubt, if it does not, I shall have a dead Spectrum to bury! Further progress will be reported as soon as there is any. I am still waiting 28 days for the modem to arrive...

And finally...

Remember the Marx Brothers film, where Groucho dictates a letter to his dentist, “Please find enclosed a cheque for $500"? When Chico asks if he should put the cheque in, Groucho says “You do and I’ll fire you!” In his letter advising me of the deadline for this issue, our noble editor asked me to put this article on “the enclosed disk”. Well, I looked ever so carefully, but there was no sign of any disc! Still, he didn’t forget to send me a cheque, so all is forgiven...


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