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September–October 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 5

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The Dave Hunt Sundry Bits

Due to Paul’s holiday coming immediately after mine, all progress on the 80-BUS rags has ceased during most of August and the first bit of September, and as a consequence only two letters have come my way. The first from S. Sedwell in Romford Essex is a plea for suggestions as to where to get his Nascom 1 repaired. He asks if there are any clubs in his area, or, is there anyone with the necessary expertise locally who could help. If anyone out there is prepared to sort out a recalcitrant Nascom 1, please drop us a line and we’ll pass it on.

The second letter, from G. Orford of Henleaze, Bristol has a couple of greivances to air, so I have transcribed his letter in full.

“The Editor, 80BUS News.

Having waited a few weeks to cool off, I still find myself annoyed at Dr. Dark’s Episode 15. Many of us who don’t jump at his every suggestion are not “idle bodies”. Indeed somewhile back I submitted an article for consideration for publication. Not even a rejection was received in reply although you claim to have gone “professional”. Disheartened, I am concentrating on new projects and unless a grovelling apology is received, I shall not divulge my CW/RTTY programs (no chopping of boards needed) or advise on PIO ports used by an expansion board advertised in 80-BUS News.

In short, I shall be as helpful as D. R. Hunt on his cure for computer generated RFI.

Yours faithfully, G. Orford.”

Well, first, as to Dr. Dark, I have no intention of making an apology on his behalf, I suggest you drop him a line or go and see him, after all he’s a lot nearer you than me, just down the road on the M5 at Taunton. Personally, I thought his comments in episode 15 were a bit strong, but experience has proved that the readership in general is pretty lethargic and it requires someone to say something pretty rude occasionally, otherwise nothing seems to happen. Mind you, despite my (printed) request to be included his ‘Ring of Iron’, nothing seems to have come my way.

Now perhaps I’ll attempt the grovelling apology, or at least an explanation. The lack of rejection slips, and the non-return of the orginal copy (something you didn’t mention). I don’t recollect seeing your article, although I may have, however, nothing is ultimately rejected unless it is so badly written that I or others refuse to ‘ghost re-write’ it on the grounds that we can’t understand it. All other unprinted articles are carefully kept, perhaps for rewiting or, maybe, until another relevant article comes along to retain the balance. Or for a variety of other reasons.

As far as RTTY and CW programs go, these could be very useful if I ever get my way for a Radio Amateur issue. My CP/M RS232 RTTY software all works well, but, dare I confess it, the RTTY to RS232 decoder isn’t entirely successful, due to my wrong choice of phase lock device. As to my being unhelpful with my cure for RFI, I thought I covered it by saying I bunged the whole lot in an aluminium box and made sure the computer was all thoroughly shielded.

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