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May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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ALLDISC is a new approach to the problem of lots of different machines all with different disk formats. Designed for use with the Gemini and Nascom CP/M computers, ALLDISC replaces the existing disk drivers and the CP/M disk parameter headers from an archive of different formats. Up to 6 drives and two controller cards are supported, the drives may be a mixture of 8", 5.25 or 3.5" types in either single or double density and may be single or double sided. 96 tpi 5.25" drives can be made to ‘double step’ to read and write 48 tpi disks. The Gemini GM833 512K virtual disk RAM is also supported. All this adds up to a very powerful system where the drives fitted to the system may be reconfigured to read and write disks of different formats. The limitations are that the disks must be to 1BM3740 CRC standards and must be soft sectored (or in other words, it will cope with most disks).

The archive is supplied with nine useful formats when supplied, with others being made available to resistered users free of charge for the first six months from registration. The archive can be edited and new formats created. Disks can be formatted from the archive so there is no need for preformatted disks when transferring software.

ALLDISC is supplied with full documentation and hints and pointers to discovering unknown disk formats. ALLDISC costs 172.50 inc. VAT. (150.00 + VAT).

Carriage & packing 50p


MDIS is a CP/M disassembler useable on most standard CP/M machines, switchable for either 8080 or Z80 mnemonics. Command syntax is designed to be similar to the Microsoft M80 assembler, and redirected input from .DAT files is allowed. The output files to printer or disk may include the disassembled code or in M80 format and output label types are differentiated by different letter prefixes. A powerful package at a price which is a lot Jess than its competitors. Supplied in most popular 5.25" disk formats (state type when ordering) at 57.50 inc. VAT. Carriage & packing 50p


All the things you ever wanted: The disk cataloguing and file dating suites. File compare, string and byte search utilities, ASCII file compression suite, system independant disk repair utilities and all sorts of other goodies. Most are true CP/M system independant utilities and will work with any CP/M system. Supplied on most popular 5.25" formats (please state when ordering) at 17.25 inc. VAT. Carriage & packing 50p


Replaces the CCP in CP/M and provides hierarchical file searches through user areas (invaluable when using more than one user area on high Capacity drives). New commands for getting and executing files, and lots more. Now available rewritten as an M80 .MAC file using Z80 mnemonics as well as the earlier .ASM file, with two recently discovered bugs

fixed. Supplied in most popular 5.25" formats (please state when ordering) at 11.50 inc. VAT.

Carriage & packing 50p


Yes, you guessed jit. Some enterprising person has now ‘disconbooberated’ the BDOS in CP/M and rewritten it as a Z80 program. Its fully compatible with the original with no bugs found to date. Because it’s written in Z80 code it’s smaller, this has allowed room for tidying up all the annoying stupids in the original BDOS so that errors like:


which usually causes you to lose everything you’ve just done, becomes the far more helpful:

Disk x: is set R/O

Do it anywayu (Y/N/7C)

Which, of course, means you don’t lose anything. It even allows you to change disks when they are full without loss of data. In all, a lovely piece of software. Available in most popular 5.25" formats (please state when ordering) at 11.50 inc. VAT.

Carriage & packing 50p

COMPUTER SHOP ___/___ _______ ____, London, __ ___ Telephone: __-___ ____



DISKPEN has been rewritten and revised. This popular text editor/formatter now includes a ‘HELP facility, and new features for the print control of the most popular printers, underline, bold, etc {also user patchable for the less popular types). New features include block delete, better move commands, new cursor control, optional hyphenation, visible indentation setting and lots more. A major enhancement is the ability to handle overlay files so that PEN can use auxilliary packages such as the MAXiFILE free field file searching utility or the print spooling utility.

The new DISKPEN is useable on all Gemini multiboard computers (Galaxy, Kenilworth, Quantum) and Nascom/Gemini hybrids, (MAPPEN is available for users of the MAP video card). DISKPEN is available as an upgrade to earlier DISKPENs and GEMPENS at 17.25 inc. VAT., or to new purchasers at 57.50 inc. VAT. (Please state disk format when ordering.)

MAXIFILE overlay 23.00 inc. VAT. (20.00 + VAT) SPooLER overlay 17.25 inc. VAT. (15.00 + VAT) Carriage & packing 50p

WE DON’T SELL 96 t.p.i. DISKS!!!

It’s true, we only selu 5.25" 48 t.p.i. disks, and the reason is simple. Read the article about the disks a few issues back. We’ve found that the reliabilty of 48 t.p.i. disks is identical to that of 96 t.p.i disks, and they are cheaper!!! In tens, we sell them at: Maxell 3” CF-2 flippy disks Sony 3.5" double sided 3M 5.25" double sided double density COC 5.25" double sided double denisity SKC 5.25" double sided double density Wabash 5.25" double sided double density Wabash 5.25" single sided single density Maxell 8" double sided double density Carriage & packing 75p per box.


59.95 inc. VAT 67.00 inc. VAT 29.95 inc. VAT 29.50 inc. VAT 22.95 inc. VAT 28.95 inc. VAT 15.95 inc. VAT 39.95 inc. VAT

each 10’s 50’s

c10 55p E¶.00 22.50 inc. VAT C15 60p E¶.50 25.00 inc. VAT C20 65p 6.00 27.50 inc. VAT ALTAI PREMIUM QUALITY COMPUTER CASSETTES cio 75p 6.75 31.95 inc. VAT cis 85p 7.65 36.00 inc. VAT c20 95p 8.50 40.00 inc. VAT Carriage & packing 1 off 50p

10 of f 1.00

50 off 2.00


Compact 64 key + 5 function keys made by Microswitch Inc for Borroughs. Hall effect keyboard with reprogrammable (2716) ASCII output encoder EPROM. Steel key frame for good rigidity. Eight bit parallel output with negative strobe. Requires +5 volt and –12 volt supplies. Full details supplied. 29.95 inc. VAT. (26.04 + VAT).


58 sculptured key, contactless keyboard made by Alphameric for the RML 380Z computer. Features black key tops with white legends, standard QWERTY layout, caps lock and repeat keys and steel key plate, etc. Single rail +5 volt supply, 86-bit parallel output with negative strobe. Uses 8035 on-board processor, with program held in a 2716 (for those who fancy reprogramming it). Full details supplied. 32.50 inc. VAT. (28.26 + VAT).


A deluxe version of the 69805 made by Microswitch Inc. for Borroughs. A processor controlled serial version, using an 8048 mask programmed processor. 400K BAUD serial interogate and data output. Hall effect switches, steel keyplate, single rail +5 volt design. Circuit diagrams supplied, but no other info available. Would make a superb keyboard if the processor were replaced with an 8035 and separate EPROM for internal program. Superb value, at a price that reflects the hassle involved in making it go. 11.50 inc. VAT (10.00 + VAT) Carriage & packing 1.00

Credit Sales available ask for details welcome

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