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July–August 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 4

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Help !!!

Seeing various things in the last 80-BUS News reminded me that I had never got going a V&T tape system that I have. I wonder if there is any reader in the NW who has one and could advise. I am at the level of an intelligent dodo as far as this sort of thing is concerned.

Yours, Peter Copping, Manchester, (___-___ ____)

Booby Prize

As an added incentive for 80-BUS readers to fill in their questionnaires, may I suggest a personally signed picture of your friend and his, the mighty Lawrence, as a first prize.

For those poor people who do not win the first prize, you could give them a personally signed picture of Lawrence as a consolation prize.

Listen, here’s an idea. How about a personally signed picture of Lawrence as a booby prize!

Yours, Anon

IMP Printer Ribbons

P.A. Cooper of Brentwood, Essex, in Apr-Jun issue, was enquiring about re-inking ribbons for his Imp printer. I have just replaced the ribbon in my Imp with a nylon fabric refill for an Epson MX-100 cartridge. The refill was obtained from Inmac (UK) Ltd, £2.40 (less VAT) each. The minimum postage was £2, so unless you are buying several refills or other items, one refill is a bit expensive.

To change the ribbon, lay out a sheet of newspaper, carefully prize off the top of the cartridge and remove the old ribbon. The refill comes wound as a double coil of ribbon. I put one coil in the cartridge and the other on the table and feed the ribbon through the feed wheel and the slots. I replaced the lid and wound in the ribbon from the table, the coil in the cartidge stops it packing too loosely. Once the ribbon was wound in, the other coil was placed on the table, and the process repeated. The lid was finally glued on with a few dabs of ‘UHU’ ready for next time. I hope this may be of some use to Imp owners.

Yours, Ian Bissett, Chalfont-St-Peter, Bucks.

PolyDos Languages ?

Does anyone know of the existence of a high level language other than BASIC for PolyDos. I have no grumble about the PolyDos BASIC (it is in fact quite good), but there comes a time when one needs something a little faster and structured, eg, Pascal or if one is really feeling brave, ‘C’. I have the Hi-Soft Pascal HP4, but it is on tape (after disks, tape is too frustrating

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