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September–October 1984, Volume 3, Issue 5

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I was wrong (just). In my last Editorial I said that I did not expect us to receive more than 20 per cent of the Questionnaires back. Well, they are still coming in (very very slowly) and there is a miniscule danger that we may reach 30 per cent. As we have never sent out anything like this before, I am uncertain as to how good a response this is, but it has certainly been giving Steve, who was ‘volunteered’ to type the results into a database, plenty to be getting on with.

What has been fascinating is seeing the number of different ways people have been finding of filling them in. I thought, obviously somewhat foolishly, that there could only be one interpretation of how we expected the answers to be entered. Oh no, everybody has got their own idea, and some questionnaires have come back absolutely covered from wall to wall in writing. Steve has therefore had to spend a considerable amount of time working out how to extract useful information. We will be publishing the results soon, and I hope that all Steve’s efforts have been worthwhile. A special thanks to all those who have responded. And if you are one of the 70 per cent (the silent majority) who has not returned the Questionnaire, then there may still be time, although you have not been included in the prize draw. On that subject, we will be publishing the names of the winners in the next issue.

Names and Addresses

Over the years various people have asked us to give them the names and addresses of other 80-BUS News subscribers in their areas. This seems like a very good way of getting people in touch with each other, as, for example, does either of two of the subscribers in Harrow, who live at numbers 70 and 77 of a particular road, know that there is another 80-BUS user so near? We have not previously released this sort of information as we respect that people may wish to maintain privacy. However what we have decided to do, with your permission, is publish your names and addresses in the magazine. When you receive your subscription reminder you will find that there is a ‘Yes’ box and a ‘No’ box alongside a question as to whether or not you would like your name and address being published. When we have received a reasonable number of these back then we will publish those that have agreed. This system was only started recently, and at the time of typing this we have had 54 of these resubscriptions back. The response looks very favourable, with 42 people ticking ‘Yes’ and only 9 ticking ‘No’. I really don’t know what to do with the 3 that didn’t tick either!


In one communication received recently there was a comment along the lines of “If Gemini think that 80-BUS is so wonderful, why don’t they support the magazine that is dedicated to 80-BUS by advertising in 80-BUS News?”. This made me realise that you non-subscribers don’t realise that you are missing out!! Several times in the past, and again with this issue, Gemini have included various catalogues and data sheets with the subscription mailings. In addition the recent Questionnaire only went in with the subscription issues, apart from a few that were left over and that were therefore sent to one dealer. So remember, if you’re not a fully paid up subscriber you may be missing vital information and opportunities!

Front covers

I ought here to belatedly thank Alf for his work. Alf has been responsible for drawing the front covers on the last few mags, and in my opinion he has made an excellent job of them. In Vol.3 Issue 3 I asked if anyone could understand its front cover. Well ONE person responded, on his Questionnaire (and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it in the pile again), and got it right. Well done sir. The answer?? Well the SVC has the ability of supporting a serial (cereal) keyboard!! (Yes, Alf may get 10 for quality, but only 2 for content!!)

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