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November–December 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 6

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The Gateway

The author of the highly successful NASPEN and Diskpen software has now completed his latest masterpiece. Called the Gateway, this represents a new concept in database management. The aim is to provide free access to information rather than data restricted within the more normal rigidly defined fields of a conventional database. Designed primarily for use with ASCII text files from any source, the Gateway works in a free field format, allowing the Gateway to search for logical references from single word length to references contained within text blocks of any size from sentences, paragraphs, etc, with a practical limit of about 20,000 characters (about 5 pages of closely typed A4) per field. Gateway searches and constructs ‘tag’ lists which contain pointers matches found, and then allows storing, merging, printing or copying of the references found.

The Pathway

The output from the Gateway can be handled by any text processor, but the Pathway text formatting program offers significant advantages as it is designed to make use of the output of the Gateway to produce reports, mail shots {complete with mail merging facility), etc. A unique feature is the ability to configure both the input and output formats, where any input character may be converted and similarly any output character can be converted into a different character or string.

Both Gateway and Pathway are system independant programs, and will run on any CP/M80 machine.

The unique flexibility and power of Gateway and Pathway is difficult to describe in this restricted space. The complete manuals are available separately and the cost will be credited against the purchase of the suite.

Gateway and Pathway with manuals 115.00 inc. VAT.
Manuals only 5.00
Carriage & packing 1.00

Super Diskpen (Version PENYG:3)

Diskpen has been rewritten and revised. This popular text editor/​formatter now includes a “HELP! facility, and new features for the print control of the most popular printers, underline, bold, etc {also user patchable for the less popular types). New features include block delete, better move commands, new cursor control, optional hyphenation, visible indentation setting and lots more. A major enhancement is the ability to handle overlay files so that PEN can use auxilliary packages such as the Maxifile free field file searching utility or the print spooling utility.

The new Diskpen is useable on all Gemini multiboard computers (Galaxy, Kenilworth, Quantum) and Nascom/​Gemini hybrids, (MAPPEN is available for users of the MAP video card). Diskpen is available as an upgrade to earlier DISKPENs and GEMPENs at 17.25 inc. VAT., or to new purchasers at 57.50 inc. VAT. (Please state disk format when ordering.)

Maxifile overlay 23.00 inc. VAT. (20.00 + VAT)
SPooLER overlay 17.25 inc. VAT. (15.00 + VAT)
Carriage & packing 50p


Yes, you guessed it. Some enterprising person has now ‘disconbooberated’ the BDOS in CP/M and rewritten it as a Z80 program. Its fully compatible with the original with no bugs found to date. Because it’s written in Z80 code it’s smaller, this has allowed room for tidying up all the annoying stupids in the original BDOS so that errors like:


which usually causes you to lose everything you’ve just done, becomes the far more helpful:

Disk x: is set R/O
Do it anyway? (Y/N/^C)

Which, of course, means you don’t lose anything. It even allows you to change disks when they are full without loss of data. In all, a lovely piece of software. Available in most popular 5.25″ formats (please state when ordering) at 11.50 inc. VAT.

Carriage & packing 50p

    P R E
  P R E S T
  P R E S T
    P R E


The new Henelec Pretzel 2 terminal software turns your CP/M based Nascom or Gemini, fitted with the Gemini GM812 or GM832, into a full blown terminal for use with the BT Prestel service. Automatic download of character sets gives proper Prestel style characters and mosaics. Automatic select of 40 by 24 screen size, full Prestel style screen wrapround. Message facilities allowing full keyboard entry to the bill-boards. Downloading of Prestel pages to disk. Optional auto-dial (with suitable modem) and ID transmit. Suitable for most 1200/75 BAUD modems, but designed around the Minor Miracles 2000, the Telemod 2 and the GEC LTU-11. Supplied on disk as an M80 source file with utilities, documentation and demo pages:

Please state format when ordering:

29.95 inc. (26.04 + VAT). Carriage & packing 50p

(Note: the trade name Prestel and the Prestel Togo are the property of British Telecom. )

Transdata Modem Cards.

Brand new, tested and aligned 300 BAUD answer and originate acoustic telephone modem cards manufactured by Transdata for their model 317 acoustic modem. Full CCITT specs. Requires only a few components to complete (no case available). Computer interface is 300 BAUD RS232 I/O. The power supplies of +12 volts at 180mA and −12 volts at 170mA are required. Card size 350mm x 105mm, May be directly connected using the GEC LTU 11 coupler (see below). Full circuit description, drawings and connection data supplied. Suitable for use with computers fitted with 300 BAUD RS232 I/O. Software for Nascom & Gemini published in recent 80-BUS NEWS.

Card only at 29.95 inc. VAT. (26.04 + VAT)

Supplied with LEDs connector, switches and transducers at 34.95 inc. VAT. (30.39 + VAT)

Supplied with LEDs connector, switches and GEC LTU 11 direct coupler at 45.95 inc. VAT. (39.96+ VAT}

Carriage & packing 1.00

GEC LTU-11 75/1200 Baud Modem Kit

The GEC LTU-11 75 BAUD transmit/1200 Baud receive modem kit consists of two components, the modem card and the direct telephone coupler. The modem card accepts I/O at TTL levels at 75 BAUD and returns data at TTL levels at 1200 BAUD. The modem card produces the necessary modem tones which are fed to the direct coupler. The coupler consists of the line isolation transformer which sends and receives the modem tones and has TTL level inputs for the control relays for line seize and autodial. Power supplies are +5 volts and −5 volts. The units originally had BT approval, but as these are supplied in kit form, the BT approval is void. Supplied complete with connection data and auto-dial software. GEC LTU-11 modem card 14.95 inc. VAT. (13.00 + VAT). GEC LTU-11 direct coupler 14.95 inc. VAT. (13.00 + VAT). Carriage & packing 75p for each unit.

Minor Miracles 2000 Modem

The Minor Miracles 2000 direct connect answer and originate modem is an all ‘bells and whistles’ modem capable of Bell and CCITT protocols at 300/300, 600/75, 600/600, 1200/75 and 1200/1200 BAUD receive/​transmit with optional auto-dial and auto-answer. Automatic mode select under software control. Requires RS232 I/O for data transmission and an optional 4-bit port for mode control. Uses the AMD 7910 ‘world series’ modem control chip. BT approved (until you remove the link to activate the Bell protocols). Separate 220-240V AC mains powered. Size approx. 140mm x 70mm x 180mm. Supplied complete with lead terminated in BT620 (the new rectangular type) plug, manuals, etc.

Modem 148.35 inc. VAT. (129.00 + VAT). Auto-dial option 34.50 inc. VAT. (30.00 + VAT). Carriage & packing 1.00

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