Volume 1, Number 2 – September 1981

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I have just received the latest copy of Mid-Sussex Micro Club News. It’s a club for all micros, but Nascom gets more than it’s fair share of attention in the newsletter. As they have offered use the use of any of their material I hope to give you a sample of their output in the near future.

The Amateur Computer Club of North Staffordshire mets on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are usually held in the Talbot Hotel, _______ ____, and start at 7.30 pm. The meetings a fairly informal, with usually 12 – 20 people present. It is a general club and the members have a wide range of machines – Nascom, Tandy, Apple, Video Genie, etc. Anyone is welcome to the meeting, whether they own a computer or not. For more information please contact the Chairman, Michael Turner, on Stoke-on-Trent 324639 in the evenings, or write to him at ___, _________ ____, Lightwood, Stoke-on-Trent ___ ___.

Will any Nascom owners in New Zealand please contact M.A.Fox, __ ________ ______, Birkdale, Aukland 10. Mr. Fox is a committee member of the New Zealand Micro-Computer Club, and he wishes to form a Nascom Users Group.

Here is a letter from the Lincoln group; the information should have been included in last months list, so as a penance we will print it in full.

Dear Editor,

May I wish you all success with the new magazine. Most of the currently available crop of mags. Seem to have disappeared under a morass of waffle about the socio/​politico/​business implications of micros. Hard factual articles and good software tipsare virtually non-existent.

Anyone wishing to contact a group of Nascom 1 and 2 owning enthusiasts in the Lincoln are can contact me at the address below (or by phone). We have 8 machines between us, including a disc based N1 and an Epsom equipped N2. We have both “meddlers” (harware) and “thinkers” (software), with a reasonable degree of expertise. We usually meet on Wednesday evenings, but weekend sessions are not unheard of. We are always glad to meet new enthusiasts, even when they are just passing through the area.

Suggestions for the magazine? What about a cheap Modem design – the we can have a national NAS­COM-NET! Similarly a graphics tablet (with hi-res graphics) – has anyone designed one yet?

Best Wishes
John Clifford
___,_______ ____,
Lincoln ___ ___
Tel. Lincoln ______

RAM B board with 48K, no write protect circuitry, excellent condition. £100 or offers.
Tel. Stoke (____) ______ evenings

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