Volume 1, Number 3 – November 1981

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NASCOM 1 & 2

Nasprint 80

Nasprint 80 is a 2K program which greatly extends and simplifies the operation of Nas-Pen. New functions supplied by Nasprint 80 includes: Pagination Output a page number of each page Output a title on each page Centre title Text formatting with embedded control codes. e.g. Change line length; change line spacing; change margins; centre line between margins; new page; output control codes to printer. The program contains a parallel printer routine for a Centronics type interface, specifically designed for the Epsom MX-80, but the program can be used with any printer, parallel or serial, as the output is routed through an address in RAM.

The program also facilitates the operation of a printer with Zeap, Nas-Dis, De-bug, Nas-Sys & ROM Basic; the software/firmware being used is selected fro a menu and Nasprint 80 then changes the necessary addresses to produce a hard copy output.

The program is supplied in 2x2708’s for fitting 2716’s in the RAM A card. £14.95

New Fase (16K/MC/G)

New version of the space invaders type with each new fleet of invaders having a different shape & kind of motion.Missiles fired at you come straight down or diagonally left to right & vice versa. Destroy one ‘fase’ & move onto the next. The fuel level is shown graphically and you can refuel if you obliterate four fleets. Your score is shown at the end of a game and the top ten scorers are ranked. Once again the difficulty level has been set very high. £7.95

Starship Command (16K/B/G)

The ‘real-time’ Space Adventure for ‘thinking’ campaigners! You command the sole fighting ship of a small league of planets who are pledged to resist the oppression of the powerful Terran Federation.

The 3-dimensional planetary system is divided into 729 sectors (9x9x9), your viewscreen revealing neighbouring sectors 5 wide by 3 high by 3 deep. It can be rotated to look up & down as well as N,S,E & W.

You will encounter friendly, neutral & hostile planets and, of course, enemy interceptors. Your long term objective is to raise the morale of the system’s inhabitants so as to bring forth a spontaneous rebellion against the Federation. This can be achieved progressively by winning in combat and converting neutral planets. The opposite occurs if you flee from a fight, upset neutral planets or just skulk!

Machine-code sub-routines ensure the clashes with the enemy are exciting. There are six levels of skill and many other features. Full instructions are given in a separate program. £9.95

Moon Raider ( MC/G)

The ‘Scramble’ game you have been waiting for!! Blast the asteroids, enemy missiles & ramships out of the sky as you skim over the mountains on the moon’s surface. Bomb the fuel dumps and enemy defences. Higher points scored for hits closer to the ground. Maximise your total score on restricted supplies of fuel. If you survive the first part of the game you enter the ‘tunnel’, with rocky projections above & below you! Four skill levels, excellent graphics & excrutiating sound via the keyboard port. £8.95

*** NASCOM 1 – Cottis Blandford cassette

interface for N2 format, reliability & fast load £14.90 – 8K RAM required unless otherwise stated – Please state if Nascom TAPE Basic required. ALL PROGRAMS SUPPLIED ON CASSETTE IN CUTS/KANSAS CITY FORMAT Please add 55p/order P & P + VAT @ 15%. Large (15½p) Sae for FULL CATALOGUE.

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