July 1982, Volume 2, Number 3

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SYSTEMS ‘ADD-ONS GEKNASCOND ——-E4DBDD. Caste Tarminetace £1750 SKNASCOM Mo Es £99800 Mian A/DConener £4950 NASCOM Single Dove C47000. Scrgon eave Elmrator 875 NASOOM Ova Orme £58500 Screen FlasnEtmetor E1875 NASDOS Dae Opraing Progermors Ad 82800 Seen va50

Aden Speech Baars £85.00 (CPt Dc Opera Fran” yop99 WS. Bo Eas 45.00 Sitach Tape Recoser £2800 PMGScurc>ox a0 12 GucenScreen ase CMOS 2KRarbomd £9800 Mentor $9800 CoS 2K Rarboars, £105.00 12" GremSamenMelal 0 Systona Plo Mentor C1250 1G SopmcBowe c990.00 Epson nox Fr72 oceenhes Santer fsmn00 ARERME_ss.00 TEC 1650 muon —_e69900. ON Devenstaton tow pre ue 1 RAM BBX Uoorase e000 NASCOM

‘Networking unto 32 Machines on one master ‘SOFTWARE (vet 100 tern stock covenng buses caveatonal games. NAS-SYS/NAS-DOS. Suppliers NASCOM – apocaons packages

(Gove Compute Sevzes posed system. sofware

Pega Power ‘sac gies and tt. Selon arenes BAS

Business & Leisure Micro Computers Le S 16 The Kenilworth, (GP) Wanmecshire Cve TER.

(8 Telephone: (____) ______


{© research Itd.


Ploto is a self-contained colour display pracessor on an &’"x 6" NASBUS and 80-8U5 compatible card featuring: Guin 16 bit microprocessor 18.192 Kbytes of dualpomed display memory for tas Scteen updates (Outside of te host address space) © D40(H « 28N/V) 4 9 planes 18 colours) – 2 sereenflls oR AOI « 576(V) » 3 planes (optional extra) ‘c Fast parallel I/O interface usable with ALMOST ANY MICRO: Gri single +5v supply required Pluto executes on-board firmware providing high level functions such as. Fast vector draw over 100,000 piels/see ding REPLACE XOR AND. OR funeuons # Userdefinable characters or 3 Spare display memory with 1 allocating symbol tangle Filanc copy using REPLACE. XOR. AND OF plus rast access to single pixels Wate protect memory planes during copy ouble buffered acceen memory f0Y animated displays Complex palygon colour fil Pluto ts expandable. An expansion board will be available later this year to give Pluto up to 8 memory planes with na Jose of resolution S100 Interface now available

AVAILABLE NOW. ONLY £399 + VAT (p&p free) Dealer and OEM enquiries invited.

CE Ue Sue London ___ ___ Tel: __-___ ____

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PES-DASH Seagn acter BEB screen Handing Full Fo ar

Jaciines ior Bas togerer wth

Superb scraen formating Nake


rams totaly pyotessional jon nigh quakiy tape or Bsxtor ony 82200» VAT Nascom approved


The leatures oTOCS DASH plus ‘all suppon tor the GemmiNC 80 = B5viceo £2500 «VAT

BES-DASH AVC Forine Nascom Advanced Vides Cara” descanaing ana eccra selecton pie shot Sonscanbe ncorporated no your

S Utilti z Soiare Suppiedion sso nly BES Utilities ro:vcs.vose SOA HRT

‘ane Nas Dos Great improves Seutinesion eases! aa ABLE SOON — PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION SOFTWARE

has os Send or derails Sonctor Fact Sheels on alourpeocucts Aour sofware 1 avai post treo Dy mallorder oF om yous Nastom dealer


PangNas Dos On EPROW for #22 09 BEB-SORT Sorts OCS DOS 2 and Nas Dos ites ino any sequence an reales indexed ties Up tee Sontields ascending oF

ard index

Dove Computer Services,

5 Dove Close Newport Pagnell Bucks Tel Newport Pagnell (____) ______,


320(H) x 288 (V) x 8 COLOUR DISPLAY

‘The power and performance of Pluto but with 96 Kbytes of memory and half the resolution An ideal match for low cost colour monitors INCREDIBLE VALUE AT ONLY £299 + VAT.


3 Sovmerosee conversion © sample an

& One volnge protec stag tergt

2 Protoingotee 3 NasBts composi Price £120 1 15% VAT ipost hee)

EPROM PROGRAMMER © Programs Sail 2708/2716 Sonate rai 2508/2758 2516/2716 4 Software supplied for Reag/Program/Ventv © Con be used with other machines wih 2 parallel posts Price £63 + 15% VAT (post free)


See ar London ___ ___ Reka

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