Volume 2 · Number 4 · September 1982

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I wonder how many people actually read these words of wisdom that are commonly referred to as Editorials. I must admit that I find them pretty heavy going in the glossy magazines. Well, the point of those last two lines of dribble is that if you do not read the rest of this Editorial you will not know what has happened to the front cover and what will be happening from the next issue onwards.

I proudly announce that from the next issue onwards this magazine will be known as the Nascom Newsletter and will be completely restructured to include a section from Nascom themselves (or rather, the Nascom bit of Lucas Logic). I am hoping to get news ‘from the front’ from Nascom so that I should be able to give you the latest developments, products from Lucas and possibly a section of hardware and software hints from them.

I also want to know what you want to see added to the magazine, removed, changed, etc. This is supposed to be your magazine but I can not do much unless I get some feedback from you. The more articles and letters that come in, the better the balance in the make-up and the higher the standard of the magazine in general. My current thoughts on the make-up of the magazine are one third software, one third hardware and one third letters, adverts, etc. This is the type of balance that I am aiming for at present but I will willingly change it on demand.

Other suggestions for the magazine are a club page and a witty corner (Corn Corner?). Also, it may be possible to set up a ‘wanted’ section where readers can get together to buy items in bulk and possibly get some discount from the suppliers. Any suppliers willing to make any offers?

The magazine has not got enough funds to supply you all with pens, envelopes and stamps to write to me but I am including sheet for you to fill in, and memory plague to anyone who does not reply. This should give me some indication of what you want to see in the magazine which makes the editing easier.

In the next issue of the magazine, the first of the Nascom Newsletters, we are hoping to run a competition. The details have not been finalised yet but it will be co-sponsored by Micro Power (our owning company) and Microcode (Control) Ltd. with all sorts of prizes and goodies to be won. This should be enough incentive to ensure that you will all buy the next magazine.

Well, that’s it for another editorial, the last in the Micropower series, next stop Nascom Newsletter. Many thanks to the readers who have been contributing to Micropower, keep the articles coming in, the more the merrier.


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