September 1982, Volume 2, Number 4

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night typing articles into Wordease. Having struggled te produce the last one and a half issues I can admire him for managing to keep the magazine going for the last year. I hope that I’can do an wells

3) Nasprint Multiple Copies

This note came from fr. S, Stubbs of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.

‘Qne of the more obvious ommissions in Naspen is the ability to print multiple copies of the same thing, without having to press ‘P’ every time. I produce about 100 copies of a 5000 Word club newsletter every month so I use the following piece GF relocateable code which holds in B the number (in hex) of copies required and calls the print routine in Naspen through 2 loop. The code can go anywhere except in Naspen workspace. I Use OCB0 hex.

oceo 08 3A LD B,£3A_ 758 copies wanted oce? CD C2 BA CALL CBAC? iNaspen print routine oces | 10 FB DINZ £0C82 ;Loop back 5B times oca7 C3 04 88 JP 8RE06 cReturn to Naspen

To use, just enter this code having set the secona byte for the number of copies in hex (up to 255 of FF hex) and execute at the address loaded. Eneure that when you exit from Naspen you leave the cursor pointing at the first character to be Printed or use the “2” command before leaving 1f you want the thale text file printing. Ax the loop executes, you mill see. Scompleted” printed on the screen after every copy. This because it is within the print routine in Naspen and before the RETurn command.

6) Modifying the Nascom 2 for 2752 EPROMe Amendment

fe. A. Want spotted this error ina drawing in Volume 2, Number 2 in the 2752 EPROM article D2 going into the 74LS175 has been assigned to pin 12 in the diagram but should be assigned to pin 13 to work.

£000-Foow mr — 2 iy BS } BRon D2 tis Te 744532 DAC 4 bank 4, 15| 952 XROM J 50052 hagh


3 los. Do z Conlints banka 0 bo 3 Ve IC He

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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