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January–March 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 1

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printer n. A mechanical paper shredding machine.

Program n. A List of instructions to « computer which rarely does what {9 Fequired, or when it does, contains hidden untested features which preclude ite proper use.

program v. The writing of a perverse list of instructions to a cor Ususily weicven ina language incomprehensible to the layman and prog: alike.

program crash s. The result of any working program vhich stops for no reason Mhiiec performing # large or untepestable task. This could be a special Feature, see bug.

programer n One who atcempts to write a program, the logic of which has Been 111 understood from the cutset and is beyond the mental capacity of the person writing it.

protocol nA method of specifying the order in which things are to be done, Eitally refers to communicatous between computers where (Geatical protocsls ar certely aot to talk to each ot

RAM n Random Access Memory The area within « computer for storing or manipulacing program Parkinson’s iav applies in that’ programs and data always expand t mailable RAH

ait the

realtime n. Some feature of a program which acts automatically and is too fast for the intervention of the operator.

serial interface n. A method of connecting # computer to « peripheral device which elther too fast or too slow or has the wrong protocol for she device in question,

service company n. An insurance company which knows nothing about computers.

eof the Creator, the Great God of God ‘in the Light of the Revelations

Sinclair a. (proper) The given n Computers. Now known co have been fal of Sugar

Sinclair v To advertise for sale before the availability of # product to assess market denand To make money out of Scotch Mist

Sinclair C5 n An animated bathchair produced in error by the the Computer God as new portable computer. Iv main insteuction wae to go forth and multiply the money invested by the Gods, an act it manifestly failed to do. A Bore conventional design and provision of # Keyboard might have proved sore forehwnile

source n A List of readable instructions partially understood by the programmer which forms the basis of # bag-ridden program

systems enalyat_n One whose job it is to decide, wrongly, what your business igvand fo cYanelate those decisions in to’s form bearing little relation to the original job definition.

jon ike device vhose capabilities are usually lightly realtime version of

terminal n. A televis lest or too alow to play the li

write protect tab n A small piece of opaque sticky tape normally fitted Bcroee « notch in the disk to ensure that a disk can not be writeen to when Fequired or by omission, to enaure that s disk may be written to when not Fequired. Standardization dictates that 8’ disks vork in the presence of the weite protect tab, 5.25" ones fail when the tab is fitted

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