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January–March 1987, Volume 1, Issue 1

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ture is extremely useful even on a two floppy system, but is Invaluable in yetemy with Virtual or Winchester dives. (If the default USER is changed by ‘new default USER will be searched inetead of USER O in the

Improving ehe CCP – 2c7R3

‘A second method of COP improvement is possible by the use of the more recent versions of ZCPR. Zn addition ta replacing the CCP, additional memory is sed above CP/M and a consideredle. system enhancement 16 obtained. App. 2 Ref 10 describes the #yetem more fully I’am hoping to try 2CPE3 in the near fueure, but Ihave not uted it yet 60 I caq only indicate a few of the Features

Environment Descriptor – Holds information on the 2CPRS system. Named Directories = Allows Drives and USER arear ro be named. Commande =


Flow control – Allows conditional testing of CcP processing. Input/Output Package – Routes I/O and redirects da Terminal be _ che Terminal and its commands,

Support ie provided for security words. Large number of support urilities 1ike HELP, MENU, SHOW, UNERASE, CONFIG, CLEANDIR eet

Gne penalty of 2CPR3 {8 that some addicional system memory is needed which reduces the available TPA by about tk- if this vere a problem with certain programe, # more standard operating system could be Toeded with such programe.

Improving the BDOS – 3D0Sz

This area of CP/M is the 1 replacement known a BDOSZ Le ov by using Z80 code to provide extri available, 80082. provid

the standard 8D05.""A summary of

t amenable to modification. However # BDOS le, and improvements have been incorporated room for refinements in the 3.3 of space ry from ervors than

Cures that are provided by BOOS? +

a) When c ‘SELECT ERROR’ occurs you may enter a valld drive No and continue.

b) When a Disk te ‘R/O” you will be asked ‘DO IT ANYWAY’. Tf you anewer “y"Aposz will reset the disk and proceed

8) Tf a -R/O” File is found during ERA, the screen will display the file fame and the sane query will be princed If you answer “Y” the file 8/0 Flag wilt be reset, and the ERA carcied out. This applies to REN and SAVE activitier ar well.

4) If a bad sector is found, Skeptayed. “0” will ca error to be ignored, «

4A OREAD’ of “WRITEY error m ‘a War Boot, but any other key the it te posaible to recover partly bad files.

©) DISK or DIRECTORY TULL errors, BOOZ will digplay 4 Change Disk YIN/"C” option and allows the Disk to be changed if decired.


J.T have found « Bug –

note in App 2.)

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