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April–June 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 2.

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Private Advertisements

FOR SALE – GM870 MODEM board (boxed) £140, two MAP 80 256K boards £185 each, and a Nascom 2 with a RAM board and power supply etc. All boards are in good working condition with all documentation etc. Open to all reasonable offers. Telephone St. Albans (____) _____.

Gemini Galaxy 2 system for sale. Excellent condition. SVC graphics, 512K RAM-DISK, 2 x 800K disks and amber monitor. Plus such software including Pro-Pascal, Aztec C, BDS C, COMAL and Devpac. Any reasonable offers for whole or parts? Phone Peter Kenay ____ ______ _____ daytime only.

FOR SALE – Due to upgrade we have the following for sale. Galaxy 1 with keyboard and screen. Also Galaxy 4 Fileserver 10MB with keyboard and screen. Will throw in accounts package, Wordstar Multiplan plus Mailmerge F.0.C. Open to all reasonable offers. Ring ____-_____ (DAY) ____ ______ (EVENINGS)

WANTED – to purchase, or borrow and return. Manuals and circuit diagrams for the following: Nascom Series 1 RAM board (RAM A), Nascom Buffer Board, Gemini GM809 Floppy Disk controller. Circuit diagram for GM813 CPU. Please contact: Dr P. Coker, __ ______ _____, Orpington, Kent, ___ ___. Tel: ____ _____.

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