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April–June 1987, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Private Advertisements

FOR SALE – GY870 MODEH board (boxed) £140, two MAP 80 256K boards £185 each, and a Nescom 2 vith a RAM board and power ‘supply etc All beards are in good Working ‘condition with all documeatation ete. Open to all reasonable offert Telephone St. Albans (____) _____

Gemini Galaxy 2 system for sale Excellent condition. SVC graphics, S12K RAM-DISK. 2 x 800K ditks and amber monitor Plus such software including Pro-Pascel, Aztec C, B95 C, COMAL and Devpac Any reasonable offers For whole oF parts?” Phone Peter Kenay ____ ______ _____ daytime only.

FOR SALE – Due to upgrade we have the following For sale Galaxy 1 with keyboard and screen Also Calazy @ Fileserver 10MB ith keyboard and screen. Will throw in accounts package, Wordstar Multiplan plus Mailmerge F.0.c. Open fo all reasonable offers. Ring 0522-38525 (DAY)” 0522 751769 (EVENINGS)

WANTED – to purchase, or borrow and return Manuala and circult diagrams for the following: Nascom Series 1 RAM board (KAM A), Nascom Suffer Board, Gemini GHBo Floppy Disk controller Circuit disgram for GMei3 CPU. Please contact: Dr P Coker, 23 Darwin Close, Orpington, Kent, BRS TEP Tel: ____ _____.

(EVPOMPUTING UTD ener en see

ace c2/M console output device ny Uber cont igurscle teyosard. type’ # layout

We apecity CR/M disk formae required

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Page 51 of 51