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July–September 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 3

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Devpac80 Ver. 2

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HiSoft Pascal80

cio our tana emp fr C/M 220 ems Basen dehoedby mh haw weer sen the the | ‘Serpe Toe ciple ten 280 and prchooe 50 he dosti COM Ur no Penden orineage


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tetas 2008 wc PEEK eat comes comple with ap exensve ng bound User Fei gre oon “239.98.

FTL Modula

Great_valuefor-money this uptodate and Ftoplementaton of the successor fo Pascal ety-to-tise wrth an intepated edlor assembler and inher Together with the Moule nour code ior most of te | predeined madvles |

Versions avalable fr both CP/M BK TPA) and for MSDOS to gee upward compat

‘The full source of the splitscreen, macro cior ts Svalable separaely vat E3095 of op £35, when ‘Purchased was tne camper Co lor Modula today

The Best! from HiSoft

HiSoft C / Aztec C — –

(A) sper ad opt ae. Io] Mera tte wet angola or Bg.

M) petegetis ‘Astec C’Prime £70.98 Z meranpenstyes me

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