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October–December 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 4

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Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 27

Pluto upgrade saga continues...

Having done c remarkably succes bit of eadgmg, 1 Plato”, "The board as small and plage onto the two Tus of the mother-board. Once’on, it does not come af eat, 30) be sure you dont want fo do ay Work underacath before yu fi

sow have 2 mini palete board for my pas. at the edge of the Pluto. avay from i you Bought one in the Scomio sale,

‘Aco supped were 1wo ROMs to replace the orginal single one, Thete contin extra rosin to carry ott he enra Tunchows of the palette board Thre mus be a iol of spare apace ithe Second” onc, presumably ualte the sew roulnes are aio byger than they might cesoaaly De Speedo be

The catch when cadging equipmest ss that one ss unlikely to get any support from the sense recy 10 os sag, Ths ai Yo oe aig wo boule: work when I fave up the atempry wis! nice people you must. all be. Mind you, cy dat stall che, wore Hak {Gar gezds tobe. put in 10 decode the steond ROM, boi 1 evenialy worked tat one out fom sme ‘Sreul diagrams of part ofthe bard that I had also caged

Ve ing py seg nk pi te ts Pan ae wo i nk tt me i ace ate ans age a Reon in oe oes ey Wem oe Sarva, eo era ee ees er ee Speicher aetna bt aa

‘hiss so abuurd that can scarcely believe it caught me out twice. Anyway, once 1 reveicd the cammechoas (0 mor tmige my fis tesa the pee ocame for more lsat ook at “The begbt and sodth of the plecare wore gily “llferent from before, ut nly the het ‘eoded tobe adjusted, which fortenae ashe wid adj ot esy 0 get

Now we come to the interesting bit The monitor + 9 standard Microitee one. 1 had aly used it for digital RGB sigoals, and. bad always thought that was all it could cope wil Koowieijgeable people om Micronet told’ me how to change Hover (0 aaalogue signals and his 450 easy sd useful a thing todo that Tam gomg to pas the information Ox.

But fies, the warming, Switch a off, and leave_it for half an our, belore you unplg it ‘Only then should” you (ake the ease off’a’monitg They realy can kil you, and ae” have sd belore, needa he readers J can ge!

eae Sox, whe wg Game mp Hd fin ht ert ted 9 sow et ew rte ie hed rar sae el pn a nt raged ond ok Pe ae eae Se LPT ee EA Bat Legg Me mami, ae Pa Ha Be ok eons ts ey, then ins ome SS Lee Ee sone err eee Hear ine oe! whee

Hanog dove all that, I fousd 1 had what appeared to be 2 normal Pluto 1. 1 sil bad 10 text the new colours, as when powered up, the board defaults to the original saturated colours. Clearly, 2 quik and. diny test program was requyed. Choosing 4 sueble for_such purposes,‘

Sole a program Yo change fandomly the colours on greets 1 then ran an od graphicr program to Bel Teething wok a ond then an as oe

Ihe cr iermae oe ae Tar mt pa 8 a 1 ry UE Sea tas cme tie a nae wot) ae co

{ee our rocket snae ey ce

{eo an athena er a

“et fii

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