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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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A Quick Look at GEM

by P.A. Greenhalgh

1 have been ‘playing’ with a selection of GEM software for the lat fow weeks, and had hoped to preseat a detnled reve of it here. However, the information oo the vious new B0-BUS CPU boards fre and T fet tha the Spee shouldbe ven ove to then” Coeseguay wha flows. ut Abnef over-mew and taster, and I hope that P shal write a much more report on GEM and ‘anous GEM applicabons inthe near future.

GEM comes from Digital Research, and stands for Graphics Environment Basealy, although’ doubt that DR’ would officially agree with this is anteation is to bring MAC (ype faciiues to PC compatibles, xe. it provides 3 WIMPs eanrontient’ (Windows, [eons, Mouse, Pull-dows ‘menus.

Installing GEM is a doddle. It supports a wide range of hardware, and you jost answer the vanous optiots tbat it gives ou. Kcan be run’ on floppy or Winchester based ‘ystems. Video can be CGa, EGA (in various options), or Hercules, ‘A large assortment of praters are supported, as af plotter. Diferent mce are supported, and also graphics ables.

‘With GEM mstalled you can go out and ge vanety of packages. The anes Ihave are GEM Draw Plas GEM Graph GEM Pat GEM WordChart GEM Write

‘When you get the packages home, you just asert the master dick in a drive, un a program on that dist, and after a bit of whining ss all doae So what, you say? Welly the clever bit rely te grap sree and” pra uppor. You se wn You ad’8 new GEM, appicaton 1 Your syetem you don’t need (o tell it anything about Your hardware (compare that to. puthag. sew WP Jottware on Gemini TVCSVC) The software interface between the application package and. you iardware ie GEM ise I suppose an analogy can be made wath CP/M, as folows: (CP/M handle all disk acess for any application program, and the program isnot interested io whetber its use floppy disk, bard ‘dak, RAMdsk or whatever, and’ lsat aterested ib. the. exact capaci). avaable, so with GEM applications, they dost eare what the graphice resolution s& whether its monochrome ‘or colour, or what the printer or plotter recoltion i= these sapets are handled by GEM.

The masa portion of GEM is called GEM Desktop, GEM Desktop effectwely becomes your Operating System prompt. “From GEM Desktop You can basically do anyung that you can fiom the MS-DOS prompt, the Sie” diereace beg tat you are rsested wih fly as pistes (com) od you “pat a ‘what you wan to use by using the eo, which s moved arozod the scega us you move the mouse,

GEM Ar te din om he ot mst» ach eter pp We soa lee at te a a gies Sy fate yl era Sa SORE STG as Peta a ae ig See ott FS SRO ST Ra er oe tale a ho Recah

So, 1 got mysel a mouse (a rather Mash, cordless one, actually), and then very quickly became extremely impresied wit the sofware.

Unfortunately Tim running out of space, and so really there is just one message 1 would like to Ee seetyame Tat thal a (ot epi hare aed fo ‘meta hay eat mee GEM

ase they don’t want to run any of the GEM applications. Well you do a have (0 and can si make ie st ean, Tor ou.” For cpl you watt 12 copy wanous fl fom one sab,

rectery to another “Simple, you can have both diccones on the screen at the same time. YOU tse the mouse 10" poiat to each of the fs that you want to copy ({hey tura from white to black as You sled them,” Wien sou pot to fhe stone ou keep youtgager on the movie blo and move

the eursor 10) pomt into the second, dvectory “Release the “mouse ‘bolton and. all the fle are

copied over! I Want to erase some Ales?” Again select the ones that you want, pout 10 the trish ‘an(), and aay they go.

GEM Desktop realy can make 4 system much easier to use (even fun 2), and it may even make you coafideat esough 10 let your vafe and kids onto the stem, o is chat what you wat to wold!

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