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October–December 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 4.

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My current CONFIG.SYS is:

Hope this didn’t bore the pants off you, Regards

John Parrott

P.S. It is now clear that once disks are formatted, the system is quite happy using just logical drives A: and B:. It is probably unnecessary to have all those entries in the CONFIG.SYS file and I shall experiment with using a batch file to do formatting and this will contain temporary parameters and finish with a call to AUTOEXEC.BAT to restore normal system values.

P.P.S I’m not sure I can get at these values from a BAT file but I’m working on it.

80-BUS to/from Amstrad PC1512

by A.A. Bryan

This describes one method of transferring text and data files between a Nascom/​Gemini hybrid and an Amstrad PC1512 computer.

Assuming that the following Nascom/​Gemini system configuration and software is available:–

Nascom 2 with GM802 64k RAM and GM809 or GM829 disk system with 2 x 5.25″ Floppy Disk Drives (or equivalent Gemini or other system), CP/M Operating System with SYS Custom BIOS configured for IBM SSDD on Drive B:

  1. Format a disk on PC1512 using DOS-PLUS operating system and DISK Prog. Format Option: 160K CP/M Disk
  2. Insert CP/M 160 formatted diks (from 1) into Nascom/​Gemini, Drive B:
  3. Transfer files from Nascom/​Gemini, Drive A: to Drive B: using PIP, GEMPEN, etc.
  4. Move CP/M 160 disk from Nascom/​Gemini machine to PC1512, Drive B:.
  5. Transfer the data to a DOS 360 formatted disk using PIP or COPY on DOS-PLUS or COPY on MS-DOS operating systems of the PC1512.
  6. A reverse procedure to transfer text files from Amstrad PC1512 10 Nascom/​Gemini works all right if care is taken not to overload the available RAM and disk-file space on the Nascom/​Gemini machine. Large text files over 48K in size should be split into smaller, more manageable parts before attempting a transfer.

Ed. – a far easier, but costlier, method is to use Gemini BIOS 3.2 or later, along with the optional (and in my opinion over-priced) IBM-COPY program. Or make use of Scorpio System’ disk transfer/​copying service!....

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