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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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My curreat CONFIG SYS is

bore dhe pans off you, Regards

Hope this Soha Parrott PS. Ut ig now clear that once disks are formated, the gjtem ie quite happy using just logical drives A.” and’ B: It is probably unnecessary (0 bave all those entnes in the CONFIGSYS’ fle and f Shall ‘erperiment with using a batch fle to do. formatting and this wil contain temporary parameters ‘ad fab wth a call (o AUTOEXEC-BAT to recore normal stem valves.

PPS Fm not sure I can get at these values from a BAT fle but I’m working omit

80-BUS to/from Amstrad PC1512

by A.A. Bryan

‘This describes one method of transferring text and data Ges beween a Nascom/Gemini hybrid and an Amstrad PCISI2 comput

‘Assuming that the folownag Nascony/Gemiai system configuration and software is evalable:–

Naacom 2 with GMO? 6k RAM tad GMBIP oc OMICS dik sem with 2 x 525 Flopy Duk Dre (or equivalest Gemini or other system), CP/M Operating System wih SYS Custom BIOS. chafigured for IBM SSDD on Drive B

1) Format a disk on PCISI2 using BOS-PLUS operating system and DISK Prog. Format Option. 140K cont Disk

2) Insert CP/M 160 formatted dis (rom 1) into Nascom/Gemim, Drive B: 3) Transfer files from Nascom/Gemini, Drove A. to Drive B: wing PIP, GEMPEN, etc 4) Move CPIM 160 disk from NascomyGersian machine to PCS, Drive B,

5) Transfer the data to 8 DOS 360 formatted disk using PIP oF COPY on DOS-PLUS of COPY on MS-DOS operating systems of the PCISI2

8) A reverse procedure to transfer tex les fiom Amstrad PCIS12 10 NascomvGemum works all cght {f cares faken not to overload the avaible RAM and dick‘ile space on the. Nascom/Gemin ‘machine. Large text Gles over 48K in sze should be split into smaller, more manageable parts before attempting a transfer

Ed. – a far easier, but costler, mathod is to ute Gemini BIOS 32 or later, slong with the optional (and in my opinion over-priced) 1BM-COPY program Or make use of Scorpio Systeme disk

lmansercopying sence

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