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October–December 1988 – Volume 2. Issue 4.

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Commands that I have currently available are:

^T followed by one of –

PPage the Printer and reset BIOS line counter.
NSelect attached printer to Normal print.
VSelect attached printer to Condensed print.
IInitialise Printer.
ASet paging to 64 (A4) and skip to 6
JSet paging to 66 (12 in paper) and skip to 6
KSet paging to 60 (11 in paper) and skip to 6
OPaging OFF. (Skip set to 0)
FSave current screen to file S.CPY.
STurn screen paging ON. (Cancels ^K or ^W commands)
DDump current screen to Printer.
LLock screen Top line.
UUnlock Screen top line.
ZClear Screen.
^TPass ^T to current program.

Any other key returns a space character to the current program. Most of the above are self explanatory, but a few comments are in order.

The ^TP command will cause the printer to advance to the top of the next page, and reset the BIOS internal counters so that the printer can always be controlled from the keyboard. (The only time that problems arise is when lines longer than the current maximum printer line are sent to the printer. The BIOS will count 1 line when it sees a CRLF sequence, even if this is after 200 characters, but the printer will put in its own every 80/132/233 or whatever, so that misalignment can occasionally occur.) I intend to add a Character per line feature to my BIOS, and make this alterable to 80/132/233 by means of another ^T command. This would solve the problem.

^TO will set the BIOS skip count to 0 lines, so that rolls of paper or non standard operations can be controlled. To restore the skip, use ^TA, ^TJ, or ^TK as appropriate.

^TF will save the contents of the screen to a disk file called S.CPY. This is a ‘quick and dirty’ routine that will only work from the operating system. It works by putting the command SAVE 8 S.CPY into the (ZCPR3) command buffer, copying the screen to RAM at 100H, and then rebooting. I have not tried it with standard CP/M by putting the command into the CPM command buffer, but it works well with ZCPR3.

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