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May 1989 – Volume 3. Final Issue.

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awe inspiring type. Apparently, if you fill the rack frame, you have got more megaflops on hand than a Cray 1. Of course, you lose out on the comfy sofa around the Cray. It looks like a great machine, and I would be able to get my animations finished much faster, but I suspect that it isn’t going to be in my price range. I will just have to write and ask if they supply bare boards, after all, it worked with Io Research…

Before I finish, I’d like to thank Paul for all his work, and putting up with me missing deadlines and using an obsolete disc format and forgetting to format my text and sometimes putting in libels for him to edit out and using far too many conjunctions in a sentence and using words his spelling checker is not cognate of. Not to mention putting prepositions at the end of sentences. And I am genuinely sorry I never had space for the anchovy wine recipe, it has such a lovely bouquet if you put enough garlic in.

If anyone else decides to start a new 80-BUS magazine, I will be interested in subscribing, and writing the occasional article. I am at __ ________ Street, Taunton, Somerset, ___ ___. You can phone me if you want to offer me a job or buy chunks of Marvin, on __________, but I can’t debug hardware over the phone. Somebody tried to get me to, once… You can contact me on Prestel as well, but only after midnight as I don’t pay the time charges. The mailbox number is _________. I’m not on Telecom Gold, because I spent all my money on computers and a house to keep them in. That’s all folks!


DSP on 80-BUS

by R C Hill

I was rather sad to read in the October-December issue of Scorpio News that this is to be the final instalment of a magazine (or series of magazines) that has been my mentor for many years. I suppose that these things have to happen but perhaps we, the subscribers, should all have been more assiduous in providing the editor with material when the matter was in the balance – we were warned of the consequences if we didn’t. In mitigation I can at least claim to have made one contribution in the past but I know that I could and should have done more and I apologize to all concerned,

However, the termination of the journal means that I have had to bring forward a report on a project that I intended to submit when the development was a bit further

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