80-Bus News

July–October 1982, Volume 1, Issue 3

Table of Contents

Topic Author Ca­te­gory Ma­ga­zine Is­sue Page
Contents 80-Bus News 1/3 2
Editorial Paul Green­halgh 80-Bus News 1/3 3
Letters 80-Bus News 1/3 4
Real-Time Clock modifi­cation (INMC80 1/1) P.​R.​ Verity Hard­ware 80-Bus News 1/3 4
Reading ZEAP files to disk P.​ Holy As­sem­bler 80-Bus News 1/3 6
Space Invader modifi­cations Mike Trim 80-Bus News 1/3 6
MONITOR.​COM again Robert Hill As­sem­bler 80-Bus News 1/3 7
Naspen modifi­cations Robert Hill As­sem­bler 80-Bus News 1/3 8
Randomise routine Peter Dishart Basic 80-Bus News 1/3 9
INPUTting and READing Double Precision Constants – cor­rec­tion Mike York Basic 80-Bus News 1/3 9
Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 12 Chris Black­more 80-Bus News 1/3 10
HiSoft Pascal 4 – short review and Justify procedure Re­view 80-Bus News 1/3 11
ZEAP modifi­cation pro­tec­tion checksum As­sem­bler 80-Bus News 1/3 14
Light Pens – what is it and how to use one D.​ Par­kin­son 80-Bus News 1/3 15
16K CMOS RAM extension for Nascom 2 main board Paul Anderson Hard­ware 80-Bus News 1/3 21
High Speed Cassette Interface W.​ van Malderen Hard­ware 80-Bus News 1/3 24
Using the RS232 interface for printer driving W.​ van Malderen Hard­ware 80-Bus News 1/3 27
2K 2716 EPROM & 6116 RAM for Nascom 2 Main Board J.​ Rollason Hard­ware 80-Bus News 1/3 29
The kiddies guide to Z80 assembler program­ming – Part 7
With a lot of detail about the RS232 port
D.​R.​ Hunt As­sem­bler 80-Bus News 1/3 30
GM809 disk con­trol­ler and 8 inch disk drives D.​ Par­kin­son 80-Bus News 1/3 40
Random Rumours (& Truths) S.​ Monger 80-Bus News 1/3 44
Law­rence is back (despite popular demand) D.​G.​ Richards Law­rence 80-Bus News 1/3 45

This table of contents is based on a work of Mike Strange who collected an overall table of contents of Nascom magazines.