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July–October 1982, Volume 1, Issue 3

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* Futura Sommare *

Introducing the FUTURA graphics chip for the NASCOM.

It has 128 special graphics characters including :– Arcade specials – space invaders, galaxians, <e pacmen & maze makers, a Adventure — treasure chests, Wizards, dwarfs, monsters, Space Fantasy — robots, UFO’s, en droids, aliens, starfighters,@gs Plus – skiers, race Cars, aircraft, rockets & bombs, *ยง® laser fire, flashes, explosions,

space debris, trees, mushrooms and lots more ee. *** Free Competition Win £25 *** anh, SAE for details. Closing date 31/12/82.

Please add 50p P+P per order. Send to : FUTURA SOFTWARE 63,Lady Lane,Chelmsford,Essex,CM20TQ.

Skytronics Computercase is for you.

‘Professional’ look.

Microvalue Dealer.


Computercase complete: Card frame & PCB only: Case without frame: Plus VAT and carriage.


Bring a new disension to your Nascom, This teal time clock runs independently of the Nascom CPU thus vastly reducing real time activities. Accurate timekeeping is maintained by battery backup during power-dowr. The clock keeps time from tenths of seconds up to years: Plugs into Nascom P.1.0. A wajor feature of the unit is its ability to provide a contirwally updating display of the tine on the Nascom screen. This facility utilises interrupts (NAS-SYS 3 only}, thus allowing rornal software to be used at the same tine as the clock. This reqires no sodifications to existing software, A relocatable interrupt routine is supplied complete with software to allow the clock to be read from any


Fully inclusive, payable? Fackage contains! C.J.Hawkins. Ready built 0.5, P.C.E. Tot 1 Turnhouse Rd.» Interrupt routine on tape Castle Vale,

at 300 & 1200 Baud. Birmirghas, Listings of software routines. B35 ePT.

Send SAE for sore details,



___ _____ ____, NOTTINGHAM ___ ___ Phone Nottingham (____) ______

If you need a PROFESSIONAL CASE to put your Nascom or Gemini Multiboard into then the new

This self contained unit is made of 4mm ABS and houses Keyboard, up to 5 PCBs, Power supply, Fan, with room left for other small add on boards. Included with the case is a five card rack with PCB, Keyboard support brackets, Backplane to take all types of connectors, selection of switches and sockets, all nuts bolts and washers etc. In fact everything you need to really give your computer that

£70.00 £25.00 £45.00

Choice of pale (SKY) blue or Magnolia finish. Specify keyboard and colour when ordering from any

Skytronics also stock all other Nascom and Gemini Components.

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