80-Bus News


January–February 1983, Volume 2, Issue 1

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Teletype model 32 (75 baud, 5 unit). Complete and in very good condition. Offers. Ron. Basildon (____) _____.

GM803 EPROM board, built and tested, with ZEAP and BASIC. £80, or £40 firmware. Tel. Nigel Thomas, Kings Lynn (____) ______.

Nascom 2 cased with 48K, Nas-Sys 3, Graphics, BASIC Tolkit, Imp printer, Hitachi 9" VDU, software including Pascal compiler, PROM programmer with software. £525. Lancing ______.

Nascom series A RAM, 16K fitted, also Nascom buffer card, offers. ___-___-____.

Gemini GM803 EPROM/ROM board. As supplied by Gemini, boxed with edge connector and manual. Not used. £50.00. Tel. Malcolm Bay, Flitwick (____) ______.

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