80-Bus News

May-June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

Table of Contents

To­pic Au­thor Cate­gory Maga­zine Is­sue Page
Contents 80-Bus News 2/3 2
Editorial Paul Green­halgh 80-Bus News 2/3 3
A Light Pen for the Nascom 2 – DIY hardware and software J.​ Auckland 80-Bus News 2/3 4
Wordstar for the Gemini IVC – review Richard Beal Re­view 80-Bus News 2/3 11
BASIC on Disk – Introduction to disk-based MBASIC Interpreter P.​ D.​ Coker Basic 80-Bus News 2/3 13
Economy bleeper R.​ A.​ E.​ Milton Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 22
The Epson FX80 printer – review Rory O’Farrell Re­view 80-Bus News 2/3 23
80-Bus I/O Map Pt 1 Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 26
NASCOM ROM BASIC disassembled Pt 1 Carl Lloyd-Parker Basic 80-Bus News 2/3 27
Power on reset problem resolved on the Nascom 2 C.​ Bowden Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 36
Large RAM systems using the MAP 256k RAM card Richard Beal Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 37
Serial Interface Problems Made Easy Richard Beal Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 38
Emulation Soft­ware configured for Gemini IVC Richard Beal 80-Bus News 2/3 40
Towers of Hanoi J.​ Hunt Pascal 80-Bus News 2/3 43
Nascom BASIC cross-reference listing to check variables in a program M.​ J.​ R.​ Gibbs Basic 80-Bus News 2/3 46
Aunt Alice’s Agony Column
Gemini IVC GM812 hardware bug when using interrupts
D.​ Par­kin­son Hard­ware 80-Bus News 2/3 51
Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 16 Chris Black­more 80-Bus News 2/3 54
Pascal compiler comparison – HiSoft Pascal 4 and Poly-Data Compas Pascal 80-Bus News 2/3 54
Random Rumours (& Truths?) S.​ Monger 80-Bus News 2/3 57

Based on a work of Mike Strange who collected an overall table of contents of Nascom magazines.