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January–February 1984, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Brand new, tested and aligned 300 BAUD answer and originate acoustic telephone modem cards manufactured by TRANSDATA for their model 317 acoustic modem. Full CCITT specs. Requires only a few components to complete (no case available). Computer interface is 300 BAUD RS232 I/O. The power supplies of +12 volts at 180mA and –12

volts at 170mA are required. Card size 350mm x 105mm. Features

May be directly connected using the GEC LTU 11 7" diag, green sereen, 240V AC

coupler (see below). Full circuit description, drawings mains operated, detachable key pad,

and connection data supplied. Suitable for use with robust case 14" x 12" x 74,”

computers fitted with 300 BAUD RS232 I/O. Software for cassette recorder data store facility,

Nascom & Gemini published in the last issue. sheee arto fr ober manors, .

Card only at 29.95 inc. VAT. (26.04 + VAT) V 196K. Gt. Fully tested ‘as new’ and quarantee

Supplied with LEDs connector, switches and transducers ideal for travel agents, offices, stock at 24.95 inc. VAT. (30.39 + VAT) markel, educational, home and all £149.95 ce te

Supplied with LEDs connector, switches and GEC LTU 11 Prestel information! (Rie Ca UML) exe directcoupler at 45.95 inc.VAT.(39.96+ VAT) ORDER BY POST OR PHONE OR CALL IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

Carriage & packing 1.00 | Se |


, Ex-equipment COULD power supplies for those who Telephone direct coupler, with isolation

need a lot of power. transformer to the rigorous 1978 (5KV) spec. (not the

Type 1 +5 volts at 20 amps. 7" x 4" x 3.5" o.a. more recent, 2KV, spec.). Relays are provided for line Switch mode. 220-240 V AC in. select and autodial. Power supply (for line 39.95 ine. VAT. (34.73 + VAT) control relays) +5 volts at 200 mA. TTL logic inputs Carriage & Packing 2.00 for the line control, tone input to the unit at -L3dBm,

Type 2 +12 volts at 4 amps, +5 volts at 40 amps output at –35dBm. Supplied in a plastic case 195mm x –5 volts at l amp, --12 volts at 1 amp 108mm x 65mm complete with PO type 96 5-pole plug on 14.5 x 6" x 3.5" o.a. (including fan) lead. Suitable for use with the GEC LTU 11 Mk II and the | Thyristor switch mode. 220-240 V AC in TRANSDATA modem cards. Full connection details and 79.95 inc. VAT. (69.52 + VAT) circuits are supplied. Carriage & packing 4.00 Supplied complete at 14.95 inc. VAT. (13.00 + VAT)

Carriage & packing 1.00


The Multitech MPF-LI thermal matrix line printer features 40 column print width. Modified Centronics

» Professional computer case with

keyboard cutout. 18” x 15.5” x 274.5” (front slopes). Ideal for . single board computers like the . interface (requires Nascom or Gemini Multiboard (3

4 15uS strobe or use cards max.) Very heavy guage our interface (.25") plastic with metal base. Attractive silver gray

adaptor). 150 – 180 finish. 27.50 inc. VAT. (23.91 + VAT). UK Carriage & lines per minute. Packing 2.10 Bidirectional 7 x . 10 matrix. 4.4” HENRY’S INCREDIBLE CP/M UTILITIES DISK paper. Suitable All the things you ever wanted: The disk for Nascom, Gemini, cataloguing and file dating suites. File compare, BBC, Dragon, Tandy string and byte search utilities, ASCII file compression computers, etc, and Tona suite, system independant disk repair utilities and and Microwave Modules RTTY readers. all sorts of other goodies. Most are true CP/M system Unrepeatable value at 49.95 inc VAT. independant utilities and will work with any CP/M (40.43 + VAT.) system. Supplied on most popular 5.25" formats (please Interface adaptor with leads 14.95 inc. VAT (13.00 + state when ordering) at 17.25 inc. VAT. VAT). Paper 2.95 per roll ine. VAT. UK Carriage & Carriage & packing 50p packing 1.00 CPZ GEC LTU 11 Mk II PRESTEL MODEM CARD Replaces the CCP in CP/M and provides Manufactured fer the GEC stand alone PRESTEL unit, hierarchical file searches through user areas computer interface is TTL logic level at 75 BAUD (invaluable when using more than one user area on high transmit and 1200 BAUD receive. (Suitable for use with capacity drives). New commands for getting and most computers fitted with speed selectable UARTs or executing files, and lots more. Now available rewritten twin independant serial I/O at TTL levels.) Output as an M80 .MAC file using Z80 mnemonics as well ag the level is at –13dBm 600 ohms, input at –36dBm, for earlier .ASM file, with two recently discovered bugs connection to the GEC LTU 11 direct coupler. Power fixed. Supplied in most popular 5.25" formats (please requirement +5 volts at approx. 250 mA. Designed for state when ordering) at 11.50 inc. VAT. direct connection to the GEC LTU 11 direct coupler, to Carriage & packing 50p provide line connect and autodial facilities. Card size 266mm x 140mm. Supplied with full circuit MDIS THE INTELLIGENT DISASSEMBLER description and connection data. MDIS is a CP/M disassembler useable on most Card only at 14.95 inc. VAT. (13.00 + VAT) standard CP/M machines, switchable for either 8080 Supplied with GEC LTU 11 direct coupler or Z80 mnemonics. Command syntax is designed to be at 27.95 inc.VAT. (24.30 + VAT) similar to the Microsoft M80 assembler, and Carriage & packing 1.00 redirected input from .DAT files is allowed. The output files to printer or disk may include the disassembled THE 69SD5 HALL EFFECT KEYBOARD code or in M80 format and output label types are Compact, 64 key + 5 function % 64 key + 5 function keys, Hall effect keyboard differentiated by different letter prefixes. A powerful – with reprogrammable (2716) ASCII output decoder EPROM. package at a price which is a lot less than its

Steel key frame for good rigidity. Negative going competitors. Supplied in most popular 5.25" disk formats Strobe. Requires +5 volt and –12 volt supplies. 29.95 (state type when ordering) at 57.50 inc. VAT. inc. VAT (26.04 + VAT). Carriage & Packing 1.00. Carriage & packing 50p


i _______ _______ ____, London, __ __ (FLL (I Telephone: __-___ ____ [ OPEN 6 DAYSAWEEK | sesame

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