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March–April 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 2

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The PolyDos Users Group, which was the subject of my letter printed in Jan/​Feb issue of the mag., is now under way (sort of). Membership of the group now stands at six, one of which was in response to the letter you printed.

As you’ve probably noticed, my letters tend to be a little on the ‘Crazy’ side, this is in an attempt to overcome the mind-numbing apathy which seems to go hand-in-hand with owning a Nascom.

Yours, until the end of this life,

‘Head-crash’ Richards, Tonyrefail, Glam.

And Waldo Again

Dear Slimewort, Are you like, totally blind, man? How anything can read SCUZZBALL as SAUZZBALL is something I find totally unbelievable, man. It should be ovvious that a scuzzball is a monstrous and vicious citrus fruit, whereas a sauzzball is a totally, like, plastic imitation, man.

Like, finally, man, if you an issue devoted to the totally worthless greaseballs of amateur radio, you will find it inserted in a totally awesome part of your anatomy, man. Any circuits for spark-gap type RFI generators (for, like, N-1, with original Nasbug pre-T2 compatible software, man), would be mega-cosmically total, man.

Like, totally, (and very slightly less hazardous) yours, man.

Waldo ‘D.R.’ Dobbs (man!)

[Ed. – we couldn’t read your writing in your first letter, and in this one the second paragraph makes no sense at all. Any offers to educate this man(?), man? No prices for guessing the missing word. Until next time, Mr Humphries?]

More About Nascom

Having just received Vol 3 Iss 1 of 80-BUS News, I was pleased to see the letter from Dr D Plews concerning the lack of interest from Lucas Logic.

I have had some correspondence with Lucas over the last six months and have been disgusted with their attitude, also their decision to cease supporting publication of the Nascom Newsletter, which has therefore died.

I also believe that Nascom is dead.

Lucas have told me they don’t like the tone of my letters but they don’t seem to realise that it was the loyal customer who made Nascom what it was and still could be. Several weeks ago, I wrote asking what would be available from Nascom in the future and also how I could legally join Prestel and MicroNet with my Nascom 2 but have had no reply. Lucas have brought out very few new products and don’t even have a legal modem system for use with Prestel/​MicroNet.

I know of many people who have sold their Nascom due to the lack of support and interest from Lucas. Their promises when taking over Nascom seem to have been forgotten. I have looked around at other computers but the Nascom is still the best and most versatile. It would appear now that my only option is to keep my Nascom 2 and exxpand it with 80-BUS products, but even so, is the legal Prestel/​MicroNet expansion possible?

One final plea: With the death of Nascom Newsletter could we have a regular (say every 8 to 10 weeks) edition of 80-BUS News.

Yours truly, Robin Scadden (G3TFM9), Stratford-on-Avon


CLIFF WERNHAM would like to hear from any other NASDOS users who also feel cut off from the outside world! Phone __-___-____.

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