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March–April 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 2

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in memory. It is quite short, and I would have put it here, but for two things. One, I would have deprived the author of the chance of getting paid for his work. Two, the program doesn’t distinguish between the header blocks and the program data, it just stores everything it reads. But the amount of tape format compatibility between the two machines is a surprise. If I ever find the time, I really must write a program to transfer things to and fro properly. Or perhaps one or both of the above named programmers will get it together first, and save me the bother!

More Bit Power Please!

I thought I saw an advertisement for a sixteen bit Galaxy computer recently! If there is such a thing in existance, it would be nice to know more about it, such as what processor it uses, whether the board is to 80-BUS standard and whether it can be bolted onto Marvin. If the manufacturers would like it reviewed by me, they have only to pop one in the post! Meanwhile, I have sent a request via Prestel to the ACC for information about their 68000 board, which could well make a nice project for me. I have not built anything for a long time, and feel the need to solder something! I was not able to get the 64 transputers I wanted…

General Stirring.

There must be more than one school using Nascoms, judging by the different photographs one sees in various computer programmers’ magazines. It would be nice to hear from the people who are using these machines, and to know what they are using them for, whether they read this magazine, and whether they want any kind of help from us!

And if I was in charge of the Nascom part of Lucas, I know which magazine I would send my newsletters to, so that they would be published in the year they were written!

Sorry this is so short, but I have to get back to M203, the Open University cure for sanity, otherwise I will never know enough maths for the unbelievable graphics program I will one day get round to writing!




Pertec FD 250 double-sided, single-density disk drive, suitable for GM805 system.   J M Harding (___-___) ____.

For Sale

Nascom 2 cased, with 64K RAM, ‘A’ board (4 MHz, no waits). #220 ono. Cliff Wernham, __-___ ____.

Nascom 2 with 32K RAM, BASIC toolkit, graphics ROM, assembled in case, with manuals, #100. Crofton 9″ green screen monitor, #40. J Curtis, __-___ ____, (Wallington, Surrey).

Nascom 2, 32K RAM, together with IVC card, GM815 Dual Floppy Disk System and GM309 Controller card, Grange micro-cassette system, Imprint ROM, and PolyText, PolyDos and full documentation/​manuals on above. Offers please on whole system or parts thereof – any reasonable offer considered. Call Peter Wood, Potters Bar _____.

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