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March–April 1984, Volume 3, Issue 2

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Command Summary





These are the control codes that the IVC responds to. They are normally sent to the IVC by a User program or the Host’s operating system. (See section 4 – PUTVID).

Programs that request information from the IVC will have to read the information back from the IVC. (See section 4 – GETVID).

It may not be possible to issue commands to the IVC direct from the keyboard attached to a system, as the operating system may modify the charactera typed. (eg the standard CP/M line input routine would echo “*[” to the IVC if the ESCAPE key were pressed, rather than the ESCAPE code. – However note that this problem can be solved in Gemini CP/M systems by selecting “EDIT mode”, where all characters are echoed to the IVC exactly as typed).

(Also see section 6.2 – Nested Escape sequences).


07 08 OA 10)3)



Backs pace Linefeed Carriage return

om <<


Cursor movement

1c iD 1E \F 1B

. Cursor left

-) Cursor right

Cursor up

_ Cursor down

3D... <ESC> “*” RR CC Cursor addressing



Additional cursor operations

1B 1B 1B 1B

3F <psc> “9” Return cursor coordinates and character 44 <Esc> “p” Delete cursor

45 <ESC> “EB” Enable cursor

59.. <ESC> “Y".. Define cursor type

Screen editing

OB OE 16 17 1A

1B 1B 1B 1B 1B


Delete line and scroll up Insert line

Delete character in line Insert character in line Clear screen





16 <ESC> *V Delete character in screen

17 <ESO> “W Insert character in screen

25 <ESC> “S” Delete to end-of-screen

2A <gsc> “*” Delete to end-of-line

SA <Esc> “Z” Return contents of current line

Screen format

1B 1B 32 1B 33 1B 46.. 1B 42 1B 56 1B 49 1B 4A 1B At iB 4E 1B 4D 1B 4F


Character set

1B 43.. 1B 63.. 1B AT 1B 48 1B 68

Block graphics

1B 47

1B 52.. 1B53.. 1B 54..


1B 66. “1B 6B 1B 4B 1B 58





1B 57.. 1B 4C.. 1B 55 1B 50 {1B 76


“4 “ “on “3 “ “pe we “5” nyt er ey” “A” “yr tye “on”

“c “

Select 80 wide format

Select 48 wide format

Select user-defined format

Define user format

Blank screen

Video on (unblank screen)

Video Invert screen

Video normal screen

Alternate character generator is the default Normal character generator is the default Memory lock on

Memory lock off

Define character

Define character set

Construct block graphics character set

Duplicate lower character set in upper but invert Duplicate lower character set in upper c/gen

Construct block graphics character set

“R” X Y Reset point X,Y

“gt we nptt we

” f s * k “ “y ” ” Xx “

yr” oe



Set point X,Y* Test point X,Y

Define Function Key(s) Test Keyboard statua Get Keyboard character Get one line of input

High speed Write to display Load user program

Execute user program

Return light pen coordinates Return version number


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