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March–April 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 2

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Command Summary


1.These are the control codes that the IVC responds to. They are normally sent to the IVC by a User program or the Host’s operating system. (See section 4 – PUTVID).
2.Programs that request information from the IVC will have to read the information back from the IVC. (See section 4 – GETVID).
3.It may not be possible to issue commands to the IVC direct from the keyboard attached to a system, as the operating system may modify the charactera typed. (eg the standard CP/M line input routine would echo “*[” to the IVC if the ESCAPE key were pressed, rather than the ESCAPE code. – However note that this problem can be solved in Gemini CP/M systems by selecting “EDIT mode”, where all characters are echoed to the IVC exactly as typed).
(Also see section 6.2 – Nested Escape sequences).


0D^MCarriage return

Cursor movement

1C^\Cursor left
1D^]Cursor right
1E^^Cursor up
1F^_Cursor down
1B3D…<ESC> “=” RR CC     Cursor addressing

Additional cursor operations

1B 3F<ESC> “?”Return cursor coordinates and character
1B 44<ESC> “D”Delete cursor
1B 45<ESC> “E”Enable cursor
1B 59..<ESC> “Y”..Define cursor type

Screen editing

0B^KDelete line and scroll up
0E^NInsert line
16^VDelete character in line
17^WInsert character in line
1A^ZClear screen

1B 16<ESC> ^VDelete character in screen
1B 17<ESC> ^WInsert character in screen
1B 25<ESC> “%”Delete to end-of-screen
1B 2A<ESC> “*”Delete to end-of-line
1B 5A<ESC> “Z”Return contents of current line

Screen format

1B 31<ESC> “1”Select 80 wide format
1B 32<ESC> “2”Select 48 wide format
1B 33<ESC> “3”Select user-defined format
1B 46..<ESC> “F”..Define user format
1B 42<ESC> “B”Blank screen
1B 56<ESC> “V”Video on (unblank screen)
1B 49<ESC> “I”Video Invert screen
1B 4A<ESC> “J”Video normal screen
1B A1<ESC> “A”Alternate character generator is the default
1B 4E<ESC> “N”Normal character generator is the default
1B 4D<ESC> “M”Memory lock on
1B 4F<ESC> “O”Memory lock off

Character set

1B 43..<ESC> “C”..Define character
1B 63..<ESC> “c”..Define character set
1B 47<ESC> “G”Construct block graphics character set
1B 48<ESC> “H”Duplicate lower character set in upper but invert
1B 68<ESC> “h”Duplicate lower character set in upper c/gen

Block graphics

1B 47 <ESC> “G”Construct block graphics character set
1B 52..<ESC> “R” X YReset point X,Y
1B 53..<ESC> “S”..Set point X,Y
1B 54..<ESC> “T”..Test point X,Y


1B 66..<ESC> “f”Define Function Key(s)
1B 6B<ESC> “k”Test Keyboard status
1B 4B<ESC> “K”Get Keyboard character
1B 58<ESC> “X”Get one line of input


1B 57..<ESC> “W”..High speed Write to display
1B 4C..<ESC> “L”..Load user program
1B 55<ESC> “U”Execute user program
1B 50<ESC> “P”Return light pen coordinates
1B 76<ESC> “v”Return version number
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