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March–April 1984, Volume 3, Issue 2

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The HSA-88B floating-point arithmetic processor is a 80-BUS/Nasbus compatible board which uses a microprogrammed 16/32 bit microcomputer IC which performs arithmetic and trigonometric calculations 10 to 100 times faster than the best Z80 software routines. For example, a 32 bit floating-point division takes just 90 microseconds and a 32 bit arctangent executes in only 2500 microseconds. A large number of 16/32 bit integer and floating-point functions from x+y to x’ is accessible with simple single-byte commands. All accesses to the HSA-88B are via two I/O ports (selectable from 80H to F0H). The HSA-88B is a true simultaneous co-processor capable of performing one operation while your Z80 CPU is doing something else. This is ideally suited to animated graphics where the CPU, the HSA-88B and the graphics card can perform their functions at the highest possible speed.

The HSA-88B is easily used from within assembly language programs. High level language programs require a compiler with modified run-time

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routines. We are offering with every HSA-88B a FREE latest Hisoft HP5 Pascal compiler which has been specially adapted to compile HSA-88B-oriented code. This compiler is already extremely fast and with the HSA-88B it outperforms all other Z80 Pascal compilers, in many cases by an order of magnitude. The standard Pascal variable types plus 32 bit integers (ideal for financial applications) are supported together with a full range of maths functions rarely seen in Pascals or Basics. The size of the run-time routines is greatly reduced over other compilers because the HSA-88B performs the arithmetic functions in hardware.

The complete package consists of the HSA-88B processor card, HPS compiler on Gemini 54". DSDD disc (other formats available including Nascom 5%” and 1BM 8" SSSD) and HSA-88B and HP5 documentation and programming examples. Package price £268 plus VAT, UK postage free. Not suitable for Nascom 1.

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DISKPEN has been rewritten and revised. This popular text editor/​formatter now includes a ‘HELP’ facility, and new features for the print control of the most popular printers, underline, bold, ete (also user patchable for the less popular types). New features include block delete, better move commands, new cursor control, optional hyphenation, visible indentation setting and lots more. A major enhancement is the ability to handle overlay files so that PEN can use auxilliary packages such as the MAXIFILE free field file searching utility or the print spooling utility.

The new DISKPEN is useable on all Gemini multiboard computers (Galaxy, Kenilworth, Quantum) and Nascom/​Gemini hybrids, (MAPPEN is available for


Yes, you guessed it. Some enterprising person has now ‘disconbooberated’ the BDOS in CP/M and rewritten it as a Z80 program. Its fully compatible with the original with no bugs found to date. Because it’s written in Z80 code it’s smaller, this has allowed room for tidying up all the annoying stupids in the original BDOS so that errors like: BDOS ERROR ON x: R/O which usually causes you to lose everything you’ve just done, becomes the far more helpful: Disk x: is set R/O Do it anyway? (Y/N/*C) Which, of course, means you don’t lose anything. It even allows you to change disks when they are full without loss of data. In all, a lovely piece of software. Available in most popular 5.25" formats (please state when ordering) at 11.50 ine. VAT. Carriage & packing 50p

users of the MAP video card). DISKPEN is available as an upgrade to earlier DISKPENs and GEMPENs at 17.25 ine. VAT., or to new purchasers at 57.50 inc. VAT. (Please state disk format when ordering.)

MAKIFILE overlay 23.00 ine. VAT (20.00 + VAT)

SPooLER overlay 17.25 ine. VAT (15.00 + VAT) z Carriage & packing 50p


ALLDiSC is a new approach to the problem of lots of different machines all with different disk formats. Designed for use with the Gemini and Nascom ce/M computers, ALLDISC replaces the existing disk drivers and the CP/M disk parameter headers from an archive of different formats. Up to 6 drives and two controller cards are supported, the drives may be a mixture of a", 5.25 or 3.5" types in either single or double density and may be single or double sided. 96 tpi 5.25" drives can be made to ‘double step’ to read and write 48 tpi disks. The Gemini GM833 512K virtual disk RAM is also supported. All this adds up to a very powerful system where the drives fitted to the system may be reconfigured to read and write disks of different formats. The limitations are that the disks must be to IBM3740 CRC standards and must be soft sectored (or in other words, it will cope with most disks).

The archive is supplied with nine useful formats when supplied, with others being made available to registered users free of charge for the first six months from registration. The archive can be edited and new formats created. Disks can be formatted from the archive so there is no need for preformatted disks when transferring software.

ALLDISC is supplied with full documentation and hints and pointers to discovering unknown disk formats. ALLDISC costs 172.50 inc VAT (150.00 + VAT).

Carriage & packing 50p

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