80-Bus News


May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Lawrence and his ‘surprise’

A parcel is delivered ko

Lawrence by the ever – 50>

car eful G&.P. oO.

Lawrence, mith his usual delicate touch, Opens the box.

birthday present.





A leecer reveals all,

Atter 10 months of non-seop hineing , Lawrence gets his Surprise ..

Wot a surprise!


Aa Lo board, ween

Dear Lawrence. H ‘now ‘TO

ope you poIT! Ny | line the enclosed NASCOm 800K. L/o BOARD. . GENUINE Fa Love, < nAscom Heloise Foreran, HARDWARE.

Lawrence, being 4 bit onthe add side, reads the manual BEFORE he

starts soldering ‘

Lewrence buries himsele in his

When che board is built, Lawrence looxs for I/O options.

Disillusioned ae Nescom and their prices, LL awr ence goes ‘home brew.

praject . NASCOM maars. L gotva get « &’ TEED CTC, some Pio’s peenume. eck, ect. cHeap!


Down a the local ‘chip shop! .+«+

eeee Lawrence finds a cheap

RIP – U- OF F_-7@ isl HARDWARE TR BOS, co. INC. LaclAno.

aleernacive te Nascem’s ‘mega-prices 4

Back home, the chips are Fiteed into their soceees on che I/O board....


Z#O cTe’s, Pio’s aerie | Well Rome.

ef pane you aa 184. Mt

= oO otter you can’e / WOLLOP e 7. BAM

refuse — “pee woe | <> se

seve the board is plugged inco Lawrence’s HYPER- EXPANDED N-l..+.

sees Uuhich is still being powered bya Zanp power supply. And...

“To be continued .

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2 © et]

Owing toa caveser Ophic hardware Failure (my pen’s run ou of ink), this tale of woe will be compleced nexe time, CEd— optimise ! J

By 0.c. Richards.

ail. Mid, . Tonge et. ! Glam 1993

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Page 49 of 51