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July–August 1984, Volume 3, Issue 4

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Lewrence hes hit the 3Amp barrier, GRIND land his N-1 now has megalom ‘en it POWERFAIL needs more power f

Lawrence (super *Pprogrammer, unequalled hardware hac » pare -tiae president oF the galaxy and all-round big heed ) has juste added a Nescom I/o hoard ( giteed genuine) bo his system, which is run of8 a 3A PSU.


\ | uses more than

‘tree Awps «

} OER, I need

gone 8 bigger PSU, ek, DER...+

aw |

Lawrence dives ineo the nearest |Convinced ota Nascom/ Gemini price |Out come the reference booxs, Gemini catalogue, conspiracy, Lawrence hes an idea. and the designing begins.

Zim gonna build my own susiech mode PSU ,

/ 8A. Mumble,

Sultch mode,

e THIS Guy’s GoT A PAD@- LockED water!

Lawrence warms up his celculacor’ |With the printoue in-hand, the wes. Bue tirse, the pares have to to help with the maths. conserwction begins,... be bought.



\I/ »

tink — ox)

Winding high current chokes is easy, |With his brainchild eranstormed into |... Then installs ie in his long suftering onee you’ve got the knack. physical hardware, Lawrence ests it... Nascom. Bue seae


Alchough this story did endin success in

Por eben | BEEP


veces Sod’s law serines again.


faule. I g real lite »4 gratuitously violent ending

blame it all on the increase

sells more magazines .

LEd.- Thae’s noe true, and it you say any pdittirene I’ll smash ‘ger Face in.d

a By 2.6. Richards. TONYREFAIL. «= MIP. GLAM. 0983

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Page 42 of 43