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July–August 1984, Volume 3, Issue 4

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have 1 line so when ringing around, you will find they are virtually always engaged. So when testing, try the 24 hr ones during expensive call times and you should get through.

When testing, set your software into terminal mode and do not plug in your modem till you hear the high pitch modem answer tone from the other end, then connect your modem and type a couple of spaces or carriage returns to wake the other end up. Then follow the instructions as they appear if you get any problems, then putting your phone down and unplugging your modem will log you off. Good luck!

7) Where Is All This Leading To?

Having thought long and hard about this it appears to me that 80-BUS subscribers could communicate far more easily and more frequently through a bulletin board. Public domain software (80-BUS oriented), letters and information could easily be moved about without all the hassle of posting disks, tapes, etc. The 80-BUS Board should, however, be solely for 80-BUS News subscribers with a name (subscriber no) and password protection scheme. Such a Bulletin board could replace much of 80-BUS News, although it should not entirely kill off the newsletter. It may even provide more articles, who knows!

8) The $64K Question

Who is going to (ought to) set it up???

iNot me (cor, what a cop out!)
iiGemini themselves??! After all, 80-BUS is their product and they are committed to supporting ex-Nascom hardware and they could afford to donate (hint, hint) much of the necessary hardware. They could also publish any product news and fixes on the Bulletin board.
iiiA leading MicroValue Dealer?? or all of them! A MicroValue Dealer could also provide many bits of product information as well as even enhancing his own sales by allowing 24 hour credit card orders, assuming that the necessary security is available.
iv80-BUS News! Obviously, one would have thought that this is the best solution, ie, the Board existing and maintained by 80-BUS News, however such a system needs a fairly large outlay on hardware which 80-BUS subscriptions could not cover. Thus, the best solution would be for 80-BUS News to run the Board in conjuction with hardware and technical assistance of either Gemini or the MicroValue group or both, in order to create a mutually beneficial service for Manufacturer, Dealers and most important of all, Users.

I hope that the above notes are thought-provoking rather than provocative.

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