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Spring 1985 · Volume 4 · Issue 1

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Volume 4. Issue 1.


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I was not going to include an Editorial in this newsletter, but I notice that there is part of a page free and so I am taking the opportunity to fill it. The reason for the free space is that, just in case you haven’t noticed, we have had this magazine typeset, and this has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the space taken up by a given amount of text.

One positive aspect of this typesetting is that our printing costs will be significantly reduced – produced using our normal techniques this magazine would be 70 plus pages long. We should therefore be able to contain subscription fees at their current annual level. There are however also a couple of negative aspects. Firstly this magazine has been subject to delays very much above and beyond our normal delays. Hopefully this will not be repeated as we all get used to the new modus operandi. Secondly there is the psychological effect of the magazine appearing to be smaller (as it is thinner) than normal, despite the fact that it does actually have a higher content than normal. Hopefully, as our readership has a very much higher than standard level of intelligence, this will not prove a problem. [Ed.–this guy thinks that creeping will get him out of anything!] [Ed.–Yes!]

Anyway, at long last here it is. Happy reading, and please let us know if you approve of the new format.

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