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Summer 1985, Volume 4, Issue 2

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This page should have contained a diagram to illustrate the text of the surrounding article! Unfortunately it has been mis-placed, and the author has not kept a copy. However, he assures me that it is not essential and so, rather than leaving a blank page, we will take a short commercial break!

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GM803 EPROM Card, Real Time Clock Module by EV Computing for GM812, GM805 case with 2 Pertec FD250 disk drives and mains PSU. Software and data available if required. Tel: C. Bowden ____-______.

Nascom 2 with RAM (cased). EPROM blower. Level 9 BASIC, ZEAP, Assembler, Disassembler, NasPen, Toolkit, SYS 3. ROM or EPROM. Most of a Nascom 1, C/B i/f, Merseyside ROM board, no PSU. Tandy DMP110 & CGP115 printers, little used. APF 10″ monitor. Sanyo and Sharp cassette recorders. Manuals where appropriate. All in good or very good condition. Sensible offers please. Tel: J. Turner, South Elmsall (____) _____.

Nascom 2 in Kenilworth case, 5 card frame, 3 inch fan, 32K RAM A board, 3A PSU, Nas-Sys 3, BASIC ROM. ZEAP 2, Nas-Dis and Nas-Debug in EPROMs. CCSoft Graphpac on cassette. 12″ B/W TV converted for use as monitor/TV. Complete sets of INMC, Micropower and 80-BUS News magazines + Nascom Program Books + some tapes. £250 or offers. Also Bits and PCs EPROM Programmer for 2708 or 2716’s, built but not tested. £20 ono. Gemini GM803 EPROM board kit – Brand new, still boxed. £50 ono. Tel: Steve Wright, Horsham, W. Sussex (____) _____ evenings or weekends.

IVC with EV beeper and installed EV Real Time Clock/​Calendar. Fully programmable, inc. documentation and disk demo, £110; CPU card (GM811), RP/M V2 installed, £50; MAP FDC/Video card, FDC only populated, £90; Juki 6100 tractor paper feed (New – boxed), £70; Cannon 210, 40 track double sided disk drives 500K unformatted, two at £60 each. All ONO and in excellent condition. Tel: Dave Birch on ___-___-____ (evenings).

Micropolis 1015 400K (new drive belt, good order) £90 ono, 2 x 48K RAM B Boards with Page Mode £85 ono, GM805 Henelec Disk System & ROMs for Nascom 2 with CP/M 1.4, Utilities, Assemblers (M80 etc), Languages, Forth, Fortran, C, Pascal, BASIC, £75 ono. Also PHG Sound Board very cheap, Philips DCR Cassette Drive & Controller – even cheaper. Any offers considered. Tel: Ian – Ipswich (____) ______.

Galaxy 2 Micro, 2 x 800K diskettes, amber screen, two years old but only lightly used. Offer includes 20 diskettes in protective boxes and CP/M and Wordstar/​Mailmerge software. Offers around £750 please. Tel: Worcester (____) ______, evenings or weekends.


AVC, IVC and disk system + CP/M 2.2. Eric Wright ___ ___ ____.

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