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October–December 1981, Issue 5

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INMC 80 NEWS Issue: 5


‘Same Size’ Issue !


Page 1  This is it.
Page 2  Chairman’s Bit.
Page 7  Letters to the Editor.
Page 18  Directory Listing Program for CP/M Systems.
  REVIEW of ROM Graphics for Nascom 1.
Page 20  DIY ROM Graphics for N1.
Page 22  REVIEW of Programmable Sound Generator.
Page 25  DIY Sound Board for Nasbus.
Page 30  About the Nascom 2 Keyboard.
Page 31  Adding 2716s to the RAM “A” Board.
Page 32  Adding 2716s to the Nascom 2.
Page 34  REVIEW of Double Density Disk System.
Page 36  Subscribe to INMC80 here.
Page 37  About Disk Systems & About CP/M.
Page 40  REVIEW of Speech Synthesis Board.
Page 41  Miscellaneous Notes from the Editor.
  REVIEW of EPROM Programmer.
  Teach Yourself Z80 – Part 5.
Page 50  REVIEW of Pascal.
Page 53  A Description of ‘SYS’.
Page 55  PRINT Routine for Teleprinters.
Page 58  REVIEW of Software Book.
Page 59  Software for the Intelligent Video Card.
Page 62  Loading Several MC Programs at Once.
Page 63  Giving Your Programs Some Style.
  Some Miscellaneous Notes.
Page 71  Lawrence and the ‘New’ Printer.
Pages 52/54/67  Private Ads.
Pages 68/69/70  Not So Private Ads.


PLEASE NOTE. INMC80’s Amersham address is used by INMC80 purely as a postbox. It is not possible for personal or telephone callers to obtain any INMC80 services.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE. INMC80 is run by a voluntary committee (of two!) on a part-time free-of-charge basis, and it is NOT possible for us to become involved in technical correspondence. Please contact Nascom or your WNascom distributor for this.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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