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October-December 1981, Issue 5

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40FE 05 1660 DEC B

40FF 1B 1670 DEC DE

4100 18F7 1680 JR TESTBL-# 4102 118A0B 1690 ENDFND LD DE #B8A 4105 1A 1700 COPY LD A (DE) 4106 CDCB40 1710 CALL NOECHO 4109 13 1720 ING DE

410A 05 1730 DEC B

410B €20541 1740 JP NZ COPY 410E 3E1F 1750 LD A #1P 4110 CDCB40 1760 CALL NOECHO 4113 El 1770 POP HL

4114 D1 1780 POP DE

4115 cl 1790 POP BC

4116 C3D440 «1800 JP NPRINT

Many thanks for an excellent mag-, but where oh where have Lawrence and friends got to? Not defected I hope.

C.G. Richards, Wimborne, Dorset.


I have bought several programs from the INMC80 library for my minimum Nascom 1 with Nas-Sys, but not all the Nasbug programs are available for Nas-Sys- So I decided to modify those that weren’t available. The first was Life by J Haigh and this is how it goes:

1. Load the program from 0C80 instead of 0C50. It still fits easily into the minimum system.

2. Apply the following patches (shown as address, old contents, new contents)

0C81 1B OC 0C87 7E AF 0C99 CD CF OC9A 3E 00 OC9B 00 00 OCD6 A3 D3 OCD9 A4 D4 OCE7 B2 £2 0D28 AB DB 0D36 53 83 0D53 53 83 OD82 9E CE OD85 97 C7 OD8D A3 D3 ODB4 93 D1 OBcs8 30 60 ODCE 1E 4E ODD1 2B 5B ODD4 6F OF ODD8 B2 E2 0E17 CD DF OE18 69 61 0E19 00 00 OEIF CA CA 0E20 F6 26 0E21 0C OD 0E22 CD CF 0E23 3E 00 0E24 00 00 0E26 8C BC OE2E C3 C3 OE2F F6 26 0E30 OC OD 0E36 50 80 OE3A CA CA OE3B F6 26 OE3C OC OD OE40 53 83 OE43 7A AA OE4B C3 C3 OE4C F6 26 OE4D 0C OD OE4F 35 65 OESC 3F 6F NE61 49 79 OE64 OE DF

3) Now save it! The result is well worth the effort – a very interesting program.

Two of the patches were applied because of (non-serious) errors in the listing.

1) Centre of screen (ff) 2) Population count (m)

Spurred on by my success, I started on Robots, but my cassette recorder failed me and work stopped. I hope to report success eventually.

W.H. Turner, New Malden

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