February/March 1980, Issue 6

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Nascom Microcomputers

news release

Nascom Microcomputers Ltd. which has become Britain’s leading Micro board Company announce a re-organisation within the Company and also, sadly, the resignation of their Marketing Director, Kerr Borland.

The John Marshall – Kerr Borland team started Nascom in January 1978. They have steered it through many birth – pains to reach the dominant market position they have now achieved. This very success has resulted in the split.

Kerr Borland has always said that his interests lay in promoting and creating a sound market base for new products. Once the product was successfully launched, others were better suited to continue. For this reason he is leaving Nascom to set up a new promotions company called Product Launch. This company will cope with all the specialised marketing that is needed in the short term when presenting new products to the market place.

Nascom immediatly become his first customer and he will continue to launch Nascoms new product range due throughout 1980.

In the wake of Kerr Borlands departure, Nascom are reorgansing their Sales and Marketing function. Sales Management will be taken over by another Board member, Bill Bulman, and the company will create a new Marketing section separate from the Sales function.

Nascom has a huge user base throughout Europe and Scandinavia and an extensive distributor network. In two years it has reached a market position that has encouraged many small companies to produce peripherals for use with Nascom equipment.

This firm base which spreads across industrial,​educational and home user areas makes an excellent springboard for attacking the 1980’s market place.

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