February/March 1980 · Issue 6

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INMC NEWS issue 6

February/​March 1980


INMC Services.

INMC News. This is the main function of the INMC. The newsletter appears every 6-8 weeks, depending on whether you send us articles or not !

Back Issues. Back Issues of the INMC News are available for 70p each + 15p p & p per order.​(40p Overseas)

Program Library. Programs sent in by members are vetted by the committee and added to the library list. We admit to being a lot behind on this one !!

Our address is:
INMC, c/o Nascom Microcomputers,
92 Broad St., Chesham, Bucks.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT Nascom !! This address is purely a postbox and we cannot arrange to send you leaflets or answer sales queries.

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