February/March 1980 · Issue 6

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T33Lollypop Lady Trainer 0C60-0F95£0.70
See if you can get the chickens across the road without getting them run over. Well commented.
By M. Parker-Rhodes
T34Random J-Ching Character Generator 0C50-0CF3£0.30
Great mystical significance (for those who understand these things). Nicely commented.
By C. Blackmore
T35Walled Chase 0C50-0E27£0.90
For two players, one chases the other but here are invisible walls in the way, which appear when you hit them. Fascinating game, well commented.
By S. Montgomery-Smith
T36Sub-Search 0E0B-0F31£0.50
Ship traverses screen dropping random depth charges on randomly moving submarines.
By T. Bailie
T37Random Display 0C60-0C84£0.10
Displays random pattern of asterisks. Nicely commented.
By G. Harriman
T38Submarines 0C60-0E50£0.50
Hit the randomly displayed submarines with your steerable depthcharges. Good instructions, no comments.
By N. D. Wallbridge
T39Burst The Balloon 0C50-0E02£0.70
Shoot the balloons as they make their way up the screen, at the mercy of random breezes. Well commented, good instructions.
By J. Waddell

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Suggested by Mr. L. E. Gilham of Bedfont.

If you have a 1K monitor on a Nascom 1 a convenient way of expanding by 1K is to put a MK4118 (1K x 8) in the spare EPROM socket. This is done by bending Pins 18,19,20,21 straight and connecting them to CE (old Pin 20), +5v, RD, WR respectively either by putting the chip in a socket and then bending this socket and putting it in the socket on the board or by bending the chip pins and using ‘Soldercon’ pins. This will give another 1K of RAM from 0400H to 07FFH.

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