February/March 1980, Issue 6

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8K Basic programs

Is your problem health, sex (yes please), money or your job? Let this fun program make some suggestions.
B2Russian Roulette0.20
Will you or your Nascom survive as you take it in turns to fire a revolver at yourselves.
A real-time version of this popular program where your mission, as Captain of the Enterprise, is to wipe out the Klingons before your time is up and the ship’s energy runs out.
B4Cubist Art0.05
Impress the neighbours with the artistic capability of your Nascom. Sort of animated wallpaper. (Graphics required).
B53D Noughts and Crosses0.30
Play against the Nascom on a 4 x 4 x 4 board. Can you beat it or, more difficult, can you take it to a draw. A prize for the first person to convince us that he took it to a draw.
Enter the year required (between 1601 and 2399) and let the Nascom calculate the calender for that year.
B7Magic Labyrinth0.40
You are in a 5 level labyrinth, and your quest is to find the 5 Objects of State, one on each level. To make matters more interesting there are good, neutral and evil creatures that lurk in the labyrinth, which may help or hinder you as they feel fit.
With this program loaded, your Nascom is specially trained in psychoanalysis. What are your particular hangups? (A full listing appeared in INMC 5.)
You have stolen the priceless idol belonging to a tribe of knock-kneed pigmies. They want it back and are in hot pursuit. You are In the desert, on a camel!! Can you reach safety before the pigmies (or wild Neringi Berbers) catch you?
B10Comrade X0.60
You are premier of the communist island of Niatirb. You must decide your country’s budget, harvest, and economic strategy. You have 8 years in office, can you survive before the peasants revolt, or you are exiled (or something worse)?

The above are all available from the library, singly, at the prices (+ 15p UK postage, 40p overseas per order), or as Basic Programs Book 1 which also includes other goodies at 2.50 (+ 40p UK postage, 95p overseas).

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