Volume 2, Number 1 – February 1982

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Nasprint 80

Nasprint 80 is a 2K progam which greatly extends and

simplifies the operation of Nas-Pen.New functions

supplied by Nasprint 80 include:

1 & 2


Output a title in each page

Centre title

Text formatting with embedded control codes, e.g.

Change line length; change line spacing; change

margins; centre line between margins; new page; output

control codes to printer.

The program contains a parallel printer routine for a

Centronics type interface, specifically designed for the

Epron MX-80,but the program can be used with any

printer, parallel or serial, as the output is routed through

an address in RAM.

The program also facilitates the operation of a printer

with Zeap, Nas-Dis, De-bug, Nas-Sys & ROM Basic; the

software/​firmware being used is selected from a menu

and Nasprint 80 then changes the necessary addresses to

produce hard copy output.

The program is supplied in 2x2708’s or in one

2716,together with instructions for fitting 2716’s in the

RAM A card. £14.95

New Fase (16K/MC/G)

New version of the space invaders type with each new

fleet of invaders having a different shape & kind of

action.Missiles fired at you come straight down or

diagonally left to right & vice versa.

Destroy one ‘fase’ & move onto the next.The fuel level is

shown graphically and you can refuel if you obliterate

four fleets.Your score is shown at the end of a game and

the top ten scorers are ranked.Once again the difficulty

level has been set very high. £7.95

AY-3-8910 Programmable Sound Chip

YES – This IS the amazingly powerful “Clang, Bang, Zap,

Tweet” sound & music generator, with three channels

which can be independently programmed for sound

output and amplitude.In addition it has an ‘envelope

controlled’ noise generator, ideal for creating explosions

and firing sounds. £6.45

Sound Chip Data Manual (60 pages)

This contains a full description of the architecture &

operation of the chip, detailed advice on the interfacing to

various microprocessors, and comprehensive

explanations on the generation of music and sound

effects. £2.25 (no vat)

Sound Chip Interface Board

The board has been designed to interface between the

Parallel Input/​Output Port (PIO) of the Nascom and the

sound chip. It is supplied ready-built and just plugs

straight onto your PIO connector. Nascom 1 connectors

available on request. Sound generation is illustrated in

machine code & Basic (chip not included) £13.50

Sound Chip Demo Program (MC)

A brief summary of the main registers is given, together

with a description of their functions. Thereafter, two

separate modes may be selected. Direct mode allows

values to be entered into the chip registers via the

keyboard, making experimentation simple, thus leading to

a rapid appreciation of the chip’s potential. The second

mode turns the keyboard into a 7 octave ‘piano’,

displaying the notes being played as well as the values in

the registers. £5.95

*** NASCOM 1 – Cottis Blandford cassette

interface for N2 format, reliability & fast load £14.90

– 8K RAM required unless otherwise stated

– Please state if Nascom TAPE Basic required.



Please add 55p/order P & P + VAT @ 15%.

Large (15½p) Sae for FULL CATALOGUE.


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