Volume 2, Number 1 – February 1982

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MICROPOWERVolume 2, No. 1February, 1982


EditorialPage 1
Washing Machine Contols NascomPage 2
Beyond the 64K BarrierPage 8
Xtal Basic ExtraPage 12
Eprom Programmer/​Checker/​ReaderPage 18
LettersPage 28
Micro-MarketPage 29
Nas-Sys MonitorsPage 30
Fruit MachinePage 34


This is the first issue of Volume 2 of micropower and the start of our first full year of publication. There will be six issues this year at approximately 2 month intervals, so the next magazine will appear at the end of April. When we started the magazine in August last year (what a long time ago that seems) we were unsure that there would be enough interest in a Nascom magazine to provide the necessary support, although we felt that was a tremendous fund of enthusiasm in the Nascom clubs and computer groups up and down the country.

It appears that the interest does exist – the magazine has sold well (we have had to have reprints of the early issues) and, even more important, articles have been sent in for publication. This does not mean that we have enough articles for the magazine – we are always pleased to receive more, so sit down NOW and write up your pet projects.

Remember that the composition of the magazine reflects the interests of the ‘active’ readers – that is, the readers who also contribute. If you feel that the magazine should contain articles on a certain topic you could write in and ask someone to write them, but a better way is to write a short article yourself. You have a head start, because all your readers will be Nascom enthusiasts; all you have to do is to communicate your particular interest.

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